Chadwick basketball

Stevi Jones and Chadwick coach Scott Payne celebrate her reaching the 1,000-point milestone Wednesday.

Congratulations to Evan Smith and Trenton Nalley on achieving the 1,000-point mark for Chadwick in Friday night’s basketball game. This makes three of the players with this record since Stevi Jones got her 1,000th point last week. It was pretty exciting for them and the fans. Now they can start working on the next 1,000.

Here is a big, “thank you” to all the electric workers who got the electricity back on as soon as possible during Friday night’s ice storm. We don’t appreciate them enough until our lights go out. My house was so quiet for those hours. Quiet doesn’t happen around here very often.

I didn’t have ice here on Swan Creek. It stayed at the 35-degree mark all the time. We had high water. Many folks at the freeze line will have lots of clean up to do. I thought there was shooting up the creek, but decided it was tree branches breaking. It must have sounded awful in folks’ yards and around buildings.

I am not complaining that we didn’t have ice at my house. There is so much mud to drag my feet out of and tracks across the pasture where the tractor has been. 

Sympathy goes to the families of Louise Hampton and Ruby Melton, whose services were held over the weekend. They will be missed by so many family members and community friends. There is a lot of history in each of those families.

Louise and Preston helped so much in the Chadwick History Books during the Centennial back in 1982-83.

My latest book is just about ready to go to the printers now. I am waiting for a call with cost of printing. There may also be a reprint of one of the earlier books on the Bilyeu Creek Road.

Scotty Snider is starting a new book on the History of Ozark. I am sure he has tons of information to work with.

My grandson, Colby, and his family spent a week in Florida. They all deserve a vacation after the past two years of their lives.

Both our basketball teams won their games at School of the Ozarks on Saturday. They are in a tournament so there will be more games this week.

You all think good thoughts and try to encourage folks to be happy. This is hard for some people. 

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