The president spoke and the nation reacted. Here is a survey of how some of Missouri’s top political officials responded to the State of the Union address on Feb. 5:

Gov. Mike Parson (R)

“During the State of the Union, President Trump shared an inspiring vision of American greatness and outlined a bipartisan agenda that can break decades of political stalemate. I was pleased to hear the president address our nation’s workforce demands and infrastructure needs, reaffirming his commitment to fighting for free and fairer trade deals for Missouri farmers and sharing a bold vision for rebuilding American infrastructure, much like the critical needs our state faces.

“President Trump is a problem solver and offered a number of common sense, bipartisan solutions during his address. I will continue to work alongside the president to make America great again.” 

U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO)

“I was pleased to hear the President discuss his plans to lower the cost of health care. That’s a top priority of mine in the Senate. Congress should immediately break up the big government-big insurance axis and lower health care prices for Americans. We also need to guarantee protections for those with pre-existing conditions.

“The president was also right to emphasize border security tonight. Supporting border security shouldn’t be hard. I can only hope that my Democrat colleagues will put their partisan vendettas and 2020 presidential aspirations aside to tackle this pressing crisis. We’ve got to get an immigration system that works for Missouri, and it begins by putting American workers ahead of those who come here illegally.”

U.S. Congressman Billy Long (R-MO)

“The last two years under President Trump have been nothing short of a success.”

“Hardworking Americans are taking home more of their paychecks, the unemployment remains low and thousands of jobs continue to be added to the economy each month. Tonight, President Trump made one thing clear: our work isn’t done. He emphasized the need to prioritize border security, invest in our infrastructure and protect American workers. Although the next two years will have their own set of challenges, I look forward to working with the president on these pressing issues.”

Lauren Gepford, Missouri Democratic Party Executive Director

“Missouri Democrats agree that we need to bridge the divisions that have led to gridlock in Washington. However, President Trump has so far proven totally incapable of being an inclusive leader that brings people together for progress. Any way you look at it, Trump’s first two years have been marked by failures like the longest government shutdown in history and a tax bill that gave massive tax cuts to the rich and big corporations, hurting workers and the middle class. Our party will hold the President accountable to Missourians who are looking for the results he said that only he could deliver, including his promise to restore opportunity in the places left behind by an economic system rigged to benefit the wealthy.”

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