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The ground has finally gotten dry enough that I am not pulling my feet out of the mud with every step. Now my feet can get a rest.

It has been quite a winter.

The cows came off the hill Sunday morning. The old horned cow that was a heifer when John went to the Mexican border and bought her in 1995 failed to come. She had been kept for sentimental reasons all this time. I will probably have to walk to the highest hill to find her horns.

The Buettner family had a celebration of life for one of my best friends, Kathy on Saturday afternoon. The day was perfect with lots of sunshine and so many of her friends. Sympathy goes to all of her family.

I know it has been so hard. Kathy and I enjoyed this corner of Swan Creek for more than 20 years. The daughters have two of Kathy’s dogs that need a new home. Call me and I will pass the word to them.

My dog followed the Ranger up the creek and was so impressed with all the attention she was getting that she forgot to follow me home. She did show up around 9:30 Sunday morning just as I was loaded to go get her.

Spring break is over for our local kids and it is back to the books. It is also time to start all the after-school activities again.

The quilting ladies will be putting in a new quilt this morning, since the quilt was finished last week for Brenda Thorne. It turned out very pretty.

Get well wishes go to all those on the sick list this past week.

Here is wishing my granddaughter, Jill, who was born the first day of spring, a special birthday. Granddaughter-in-law Megan in Colorado had a birthday on Saturday in the middle of all the snow and wind. Their power was out for a while. That can be awful with three little ones in the house.

The frogs in the farm pond have been pretty noisy the past few nights.

I couldn’t help but notice all the trash that had been thrown out along the highways the past few weeks. Where are all those volunteers who used to pick up all of that stuff in the past? A big, “thank you,” to all the drivers who take their trash home with them.

Sympathy goes out to the families of Tom Mitchell, who passed away this past week. He was such a caring person.

We have some great volunteer guys who will be getting a new roof on the Chadwick Community Building this week. There will be more details next week.

You all stay well and do something special for each one you meet on a daily basis. Life is so short.

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