COVER: Marie Day, Chadwick area news

We are now into the firecracker month. Tents are set up all over the place. One doesn't have to go very far to get all the excitement they need for family fireworks. There were a lot of community fireworks over the weekend. We can all start looking forward to Thursday for more family gatherings. 

That is exciting without the fireworks.

There was a call Tuesday mid-morning with a boy's voice saying, "Hello, Grandma, this is your grandson." 

My answer was, "Oh, which one?" 

"Your oldest one." 

More conversation and finally I hung up. The funny part came the next morning while I was shopping and my cell phone rang. The voice on the other end said, "Grandma." 

My first thought was, “not another crank call.” 

The little girl voice said, "This is Alley. We want to come to your house tomorrow." 

What a relief to be able to say, "Come on over."

We are now teaching our 1-year-old babies to come back down stairs. They have the going up down pat.

Jean Clark passed away on Friday. Her services will be held on Tuesday at Branson.

Cindy and Steve Clark are in the process of listing their mom's place near the county line for sale. We hate to see those changes come in our lives.

As I was going to an estate sale early Saturday morning, there was a highway worker just north of Chadwick on Highway 125 patching a hole in the road. That didn't seem unusual with all these roads falling apart from the heavy rains.

When I came back around 11 o’clock, there was a barricade on the north lane. I drove on the other side to get back to Chadwick. That is where I found the Pierce girls trying to get the community building ready for a surprise birthday party for their dad. This was when a lot of calls were made to make sure all the guests could get to the party. 

Messages started showing up on Facebook. My daughter in Oklahoma called to ask what was going on. Some drivers had decided to try a Fairview road detour. That gravel road had been washed out by all the rains, causing folks to high center and get stuck. This backed up traffic. 

Finally, that road was closed down.

The meat for the party was at Oldfield and needed to be delivered before the party. Panic really set in. One of the friends on the other side of the barricade brought the meat to the stopped traffic area, and the girls on this side met them and got the meat to the party. By that time, all traffic had been shut down to everyone and several road crew members and the law were on the scene to control "feelings."

This being a surprise party, the family had been telling Bob that Sue and Marie were planning an appreciation dinner for the work he had done on the roof. He was unhappy the party was to be held while he was in the hay field. He was surprised to see his family and friends there to celebrate his big birthday party when Rhonda brought him at noon. His grandkids loved it.

It will be a party that his family will remember—the stress of trying to get folks to a party with roads closed within a mile of the party. Everything finally turned out great. What a day! All the families brought delicious sides to go with the meat from Dave Walker at Oldfield.

Wanda Gideon and I attended the Blue Grass Music Show at the Oldfield Opry on Friday night. It was a fundraiser for a college scholarship sponsored by the Winn Family.

Surprise, there was no high water for one week.

Get well wishes to David Hall after last week's surgery.

You all have a good week and stay safe.

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