COVER: Marie Day, Chadwick area news

George Morrison called for me to send a Chadwick School book to Virginia Shipman Stevens in Utah last week. I am always glad to share information about the area that have been included in books I have done (with the help of our community).

Most of these books will be available for sale this Saturday, Nov. 3, at the School Foundation Craft Sale at the school gym. Over 30 other booths will be there for folks to choose some wonderful items. You all come out from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. It will be fun to just share some visiting with old friends and making new ones.

Thanks to Leon Harris, Wanda Gideon, and Peggy Coffer for information on the old concrete garage in Chadwick.You are making the story more complete than I could have imagined. A lot of folks have been wondering about the history of the garage. Now, to find out the future of it before the story is finished. 

The building will be one hundred years old by 2020. People have exciting histories and buildings have just as interesting history and future. There has been a lot of living in them.

It was good hearing from granddaughter, Brandy, last week. Then she was at David’s Sunday evening. There will be the trip back to Oklahoma to finish some jobs on Monday.

Volleyball season for our local girls is over for the year. They can look forward to the next sporting events now.

Cross country runners who will be going to state competition next weekend will be Evan Smith and Zack Loveland. Nine kids have taken part in cross country this year.

Sparta kids have been busy with cross country this year too. I am not sure of all of them, but understand that Kimber Rains has done quite well and going to state. Congratulations to all these neat kids.

Halloween parties will take place in local schools on Wednesday afternoon. Kids are pretty excited to get to wear all those neat costumes. The trunk-or-treat parties in Chadwick Saturday evening were a great success. Thanks to all the churches that participated. A lot of work went into this event—and candy, too.

I went to an estate sale on Saturday in Springfield. Granddaughter, Michaela, had been wanting to learn to sew. I got her the perfect beginning sewing machine at a good price. She will enjoy sewing as she has time between taking care of Dusti and J.D.

I have enjoyed having the kids in and out all week. It has been a slower week than usual since my feet have needed a rest after being on concrete floors for a week while getting ready for carnival.

Some curtains got washed and rehung. New ones were hung in the kitchen. They may have to get changed since they are a bit wild (even for me). Outside windows need cleaning this week if there are some nice days for that job.

Congratulations to all the youth deer hunters who got their deer this past weekend. There must be plenty of deer because it seems like everyone who went got a deer or two. There may not be any left for the adults to hunt.

It has been another week for folks to feel sad about what is going on in the world. Shooting in churches is going to an all time low. Bad people seem to come out of the woodwork.

Be sure to change your clocks next Saturday night. There have been many mornings of frost on the hay bales this past week, and ice on the windshields. 

Wednesday is your day Joey!

You all have a good week and pray that it will be a safe week for everyone. 

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