COVER: Marie Day, Chadwick area news

It was good to be back at the Oldfield Opry Saturday night for the regular show. That was probably one of the longest breaks the group had ever had.

Brandyn Wiles and Friends will be providing a great early show the second Saturday evening of February. Mark your calendar for 5:45 p.m. on Feb. 9.

Scotty Snider was saying that they have closed down their business in Branson and are opening up a new business in Sparta. It will be a new cafe across from Sparta Middle School. They will be using recipes from the Riverside Inn. Check them out. 

Baby Dusti stayed with me Saturday afternoon while her mom started a new job in Taneyville. She will be looking for a good sitter between Brown Branch and Taneyville three times a week. Call the family if you would like to spend time with a beautiful 8-month-old girl. 

A friend of mine was concerned about a tree falling across the road near Oldfield. The ice storm brought it down. Hopefully, no one was under it when it fell.

There were some good games at Chadwick last week. I always look around to see who is sitting behind me at games. One never knows what is about to happen there. Just ask Tonya and Amy.

I attended homecoming at Bradleyville Friday night. Great-granddaughter, Treylyn, was in the dance routine. Bradleyville’s boys scored more than 100 points against Hurley. One player scored 50 points. I remember when our David scored 54 points for Chadwick back in the ‘70s. It is pretty exciting. 

Chadwick will have homecoming this Friday night, Feb. 1. You all come out and wear your red Cardinal tops to get in free. A lot of neat celebrations are being planned. Alumni should sign up for a free drawing of gifts. Refreshments will be served to alumni and their family.

I had a good visit with Patty in Florida Sunday morning. They are having a lot of rain.

Happy birthday to all you friends who have had big days this past month. Mine is this Monday and no parties are planned. There have been so many parties that I am now watching what I eat. It is a big thing to just get to sell calves today.

Dillon Morrison is spending time in the hospital. We wish him a speedy recovery. My brother-in-law, Dewey Williams, is also in the hospital with congestive heart problems. We wish him the best. Dewey spent a lifetime taking care of my sister, Louise.

Chadwick Booster Club will be hosting a pee wee tournament next week. Check with your little ones for the times they play.

You all have a good week and plan for many changes in the weather again this week. 

Chadwick resident Marie Day has written a weekly column sharing her views with the Christian County Headliner News for more than 10 years.

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