Chadwick Railroad Day 2019

Musicians Corey Smith, Steve Beyers and Pat Henson played a set of classic tunes at Chadwick Railroad Days June 1, 2019.

I want to give a great big, ‘Thank you,’ to everyone who helped in any small or large way to make this year's Railroad Day a success.

It is a case where it takes a village and this celebration does belong to the entire area. The reason we have a Railroad Day is that back in the 1870's, the country needed ties to build the railroad west. This part of the country had a huge supply of oak timber to help build those tracks. Many pages of history have been written to help this generation and the future generations understand what came before them. We should all make sure to pass that along. There are always little bits of history we find each time we dig through boxes and corners; it is amazing.

Saturday was blessed with a warm day with no rain storms to blow things away. Earnest and his crew set up the tent on Thursday so folks would have a comfortable place to set and listen to entertainment for the day. Everyone enjoyed music by Pat Henson, Corey Smith, Steve Beyers, Brandyn Wiles, Ashley West Dancers and the West Family Group Music. 

There were around 20 booths and vendors for everyone to buy some unique gifts. And what would Railroad Day be without turtle races and all the old-fashioned free games? Kids just relaxed and enjoyed the morning. Face painting was provided by the Chadwick High School art class, and a dunking booth was provided by the junior class. 

Thanks to Pat Henson for hanging out and taking care of the PA system for the day. 

Please mark the 2020 calendar for the first Saturday in June for the next Railroad Day.

There are so many local activities in this area it is hard to get to all of them. So, it could be pick and choose.

This following Saturday will be the Annual Brieanna Walker Rodeo at Bruner (just east of Sparta). Take time to support this important event.

Phil Baker (Willie Market), a local entertainer and for the Oldfield Opry passed away and his services were Saturday morning in Sparta.

Our younger kids are into baseball and softball so parents and grandparents are kept busy attending games and supporting the kids.

Some have ask what all the dirt moving is for across from Chadwick School. A new track is being built for use of students and the community. Call the school with any detail questions you may have. 

Part of my family have enjoyed some time in Florida. I don't have any details yet.

Farmers are getting a few days to put up hay. It looked pretty iffy for a few days. I see the little twins on the tractor with Grandpa Bob while he is in the hay fields. When kids have a chance to work on a farm, they have an added education they don't get in the classroom. Learning is always taking place. It just depends how we take advantage of it.

Great grandkids, Lance and Dusti will be having birthdays in the next week. It is time for more parties. It is also a happy birthday to Richard Groves who is 84.

I enjoyed the Oldfield Opry Saturday night after being on my feet all day. There is an early show next Saturday night at 5:45 p.m.

Thanks to Lee Walker for the Baldknobbers DVD. These are available in many places and have a great review all over the country. It may be headed to the History Channel within a year. Watch for it.

I enjoyed a short visit with Cleta Shipman Allen, her brother and his friend at the Opry Saturday night. It is good that early residents of Chadwick make their way back home often.

Bible schools and tent revivals are starting up this week. Take time to attend as many events as possible. One tent revival is in the middle of Chadwick, so it is easy to get to with plenty of parking.

You all have a good week and stay well.

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