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Hopefully, each of you mothers had a great Mother's Day on Sunday. I feel that every day is Mother's Day once you have that first child. Each day is important in a different way. We moms know that "no two days are the same with kids.” 

Moms learn something new every day!

My day was wonderful. Kathy called on Friday to say she would like to come up from Oklahoma for Sunday. They usually drive here and back the same day. Johnny called to say they needed to go to Ozark to pick up a few goats. They would be here for lunch. I called David's family. David, Jeri, Lance, Bailey, Jesse and Coy came. Kathy's Clancy and his family decided to come at the last minute. 

Lunch was ready by noon and that left the afternoon for visiting and making the usual trip to the creek. If my kids get near Swan Creek, someone has to get their feet wet. The little ones were not ready to leave. The next trip will be when?

I hope that my kids will make sure this entire family has Swan Creek available to them for many years.

Bailey and Cara's family are planning a play day for later this week since Bradleyville school has to make up a day of missed classes this Monday. 

We farmers are starting to get anxious about getting in the hay fields to get some cutting done. Gardens are going to be late this year, too.

My stitches were removed on Tuesday. I was dreading it because they looked so awful. No problem. It even left time for some shopping.

A lot of folks attended the Nixa Citywide Garage Sales on Friday and Saturday. I just attended a couple of estate sales around Ozark. No need to shop when you already have most everything you need. There are still a few strange things out there.

The young parents in the community are attending club ball or late baseball games, and some track meets. Our Chadwick kids have done quite well with all those. 

Sympathy goes to the Walter Rhoades families, he passed away last week. He will be remembered for all the neat handmade baskets he and his daughters made in their shop on H Highway.

Bob and Lloyed Pierce with three of Bob's grandkids had a very lucky fishing trip to Warsaw last week. The huge catfish was the hit of the day, and good eating. 

Get well wishes go to all those who have suffered illness or accidents lately. Everyone likes to feel like enjoying the spring time outside and doesn't want to be slowed down.

Our son, Johnny, reported a painful accident he received at the cow sale last week. He enjoys the folks at the barn, but not when the cows run over him.

Entertainment for Railroad Day on June 1 will include: (but not limited to) a parade from the school parking lot at 9:45 a.m., Pat Henson and Steve Beyers, Brandyn Wiles, Miss Chadwick, veterans recognition, music and dance by Ashley's Group, Brandyn Wiles Rock Group. 

Local history books, crafts and vendor Booths, barbecue dinners, and the Chadwick Museum will be open during the day on Railroad Day.

Folks who have not received the official invitation should feel free to come down for the day.

You all have a great week with the promised warm weather.

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