Chadwick graduation 2019

Chadwick High School held graduation exercises Friday, April 28, 2019.

As I come to the computer this morning to start this week's news, there are so many things that come to mind. 

The thing that probably stands out the most is Friday night’s graduation at Chadwick High School. So many things brought tears to a lot of eyes. Brandyn Wiles' song was one of the most heartwarming thoughts we teachers are well aware of, "Don't Laugh at Me.” Being in the classroom for 37 years, I observed so many students being laughed at, or just plain ignored by other kids or sometimes the teacher.

Wouldn't it be nice as we say the Pledge of Allegiance each morning to add "Don't Laugh at Me" to remind everyone what the day should be like? Good luck to each of the kids and their parents. Life won't always be easy.

Turkey hunts and fishing trips continue to be successful.

Sympathy goes to several families who have lost loved ones the past week.

The quilting group put in a new quilt on Monday. Everyone is always invited to stop by the community building on Monday to see what is new or old. 

Safe travels to all those going on a mission trip to Haiti soon.

I decided to go to the ranch on Wednesday to take a birthday gift for Jeri. She, David and Coy were at Combs Store having a mid-morning meal and lots of visiting. Paulette gave me a flier on a fundraiser for the Cook families' little one. The pizza truck is coming from Kentucky and parking in front of the store to sell pizzas for $10 each with money all going to the Cook family. Everyone is invited to stop by after 11 a.m. and help this family with medical expenses. A very talented banjo player, young Gil Turk filled in at the Oldfield Opry Saturday night.

 While mowing the yard on Saturday the mood hit me to plant garden. The mood passed quickly as I remembered that I gave J.D. and Michaela my tiller so she could plant a garden.

It was good to hear from Patty Washam Saturday afternoon. They had just made it back from Florida late Friday night. We are making plans for several projects this summer. She and her daughter will be going to the Pioneer place this week. 

There was a ribbon cutting Wednesday morning for the new track at Chadwick School. The entire student body and staff made it across the road to enjoy the morning.

Folks are spending time building chicken houses for a lot of baby chicks. I see eggs and fried chicken in the future.

Bobby and the little twins came over Saturday with a sack of mushrooms. They were really good. Thanks, guys!

The grandkids have a play day planned for Monday. I told them to watch the weather, they might get rained in at my house. They thought that wouldn't be so bad.

You all have a good week!

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