COVER: Marie Day, Chadwick area news

I enjoyed watching all of the shows about the end of World War II. It is pretty emotional when we think of some of the guys we knew while we were growing up. If I took the time to look, pictures of cousins and friends would show up.

Little Dusti Day spent the morning with me on Wednesday while her mom was taking some tests. The tests went well and Dusti did really well, too. She was really glad when her Grandma Jeri came for her. She sees her more than me.

The Christian County road crew spent Tuesday morning replacing a pipe under the road near my mailbox. The previous heavy rains had caused the pipe to fill up, causing the water to overflow into a local pasture.

There were more than two inches of rain here Thursday night and Friday. It continues to take a lot of dirt downstream and uncovers many unusual rocks. It also causes ditches to end up where roads were.

Farmers spent some time cutting more hay over the dry weekend. There is a promise of a few days to get it baled and out of the fields so more hay can grow.

My family is in the process of selling a few calves this week. Hopefully, mine will bring enough to pay for all of the winter hay and fertilizer I bought earlier this year. I call the farm my “exercise program.”

There was a call from cousin Marg giving me her new phone number. Patty and I plan to go visit her soon.

Folks have spent a lot of time sawing up downed trees and cleaning up the big messes.

Melinda Mullens presented a great show the Oldfield Opry Saturday night when she sang songs that were written by her dad, Johnny Mullens. He could find a song anywhere he looked.

You all have a great week.

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