COVER: Marie Day, Chadwick area news

It almost looked unreal to have snow Sunday morning, April 14. We just have to remember, “This is Missouri.” Nothing is surprising to folks who have lived here all of their lives.

Several eagles have been spotted in the area lately. One had made its way to the waters of Swan Creek to get a drink. They are exciting to watch. I am seeing several baby ducks swimming around, too.

Here is wishing a late “Happy birthday,” to my great, great granddaughter, Hadley Humble on March 22. Daughter-in-law Jeri has a birthday on April 19. Her gift is ready be delivered to her house

Fertilizer was spread on the ground on local farms over the past few weeks. I was really glad to have mind spread just before the nice showers that hit Saturday and Sunday. One can almost see the grass get greener. That is a good feeling to farmers.

The annual Chadwick School Foundation walk/run was a big success on Saturday. Many hours of volunteer service went into this community event. The Chadwick area is a great place to live. Presentation of winners and lunch followed at the school. Plans are already being made for next year.

There was a thank you card from Randy Harr in Indiana for the school yearbooks that Tyler Walker and I had sent the boys after theirs had been destroyed. It is the little things that make a difference to some folks.

Happy anniversary to Johnny and Sheila on 37 years of marriage. My, how time flies.

New calves are being born almost daily here on the creek. Some weren’t expected yet.

Our track and field kids have been doing quite well the past few weeks. Thanks to Chadwick track coach Jenny Gardner for all the good training.

There was a call from Florida Sunday afternoon. Patty said they would be starting back to Missouri just after Easter We all miss her when she goes to warmer weather for the winter.

There have been lots of proms the past few weeks. That takes a lot of new dresses and hairdos. It was a bit rainy this past Saturday night for all those beautiful, lightweight dresses.

I liked the way my daughter, Jackie, and Scott posted a picture on Facebook of their 1973 prom beside the 2019 prom as Scott’s year as superintendent at the Bradleyville School District. That red velvet dress is still hanging in my upstairs closet. I still have my boys’ suit jackets and Kathy’s dress. There are a lot of memories stored in this house where we raised four kids. We history people save everything.

Happy Easter to all of you.

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