Ozark basketball

Annie Scheer will continue her career Evangel.

Having made great strides defensively as a senior, Ozark’s Annie Scheer believes she can turn what was once a weakness into a strength now that she will be continuing her hoops career.

Scheer felt better about her play at both ends of the court this year than ever before. That was among the deciding factors in her decision to sign with Evangel.

“I feel like I was just starting to play my best basketball this year, so it’s good to be playing,” Scheer said. “I need to get better on defense. It was okay this year. Next year and the years after that, I think it will even get better." 

Scheer was leaning toward not shooting hoops in college. In fact, Evangel coaches originally offered her a spot on their roster last October. She didn’t take them up on that offer until after her senior season ended with Ozark’s loss to Kickapoo in the Class 5 District 11 championship game in February.

“(In October), I didn’t think I would be playing college basketball. I thought I was going to Missouri State or Arkansas,” Scheer said. “Once I got to the end of our basketball season, I thought, ‘I don’t really want to be done.’

“I’m so excited. I love basketball. I want to play every day." 

Scheer filled a starting shooting forward role for Ozark over the winter, averaging 6.7 points and 4.0 rebounds a game.

Evangel was 19-11 last season under first-year coach Megan Leuzinger, a former WNBA player. The Lady Crusaders include four Crane grads, including All-American Lexie Vaught and fellow starter Emma Lander.

“I heard a lot about them when they were winning their (four Class 2) state championships,” Scheer said. “They will be the leaders of our team.”

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