Nixa Chamber of Commerce staff

From left, Nixa Chamber of Commerce Membership Developer Michelle Teter, Front Desk Coordinator Teresa Bruton and Executive Director Chris Russell have worked to instill a new mission, vision and set of values for the Nixa Chamber of Commerce since their team formed in March 2018.

The Nixa Area Chamber of Commerce fully supports Nixa Public Schools and encourages you to vote “yes” on the two questions on the ballot on April 2. 

In Nixa, we have three primary economic drivers that allow our community, organizations and business to thrive. One (no particular order) is all the services that make up our city including parks, police, fire district, Christian County Ambulance District, Nixa Utilities and the city of Nixa infrastructure itself. Another one is actually our location to Springfield allowing 70 percent of our community easy access to place of employment. Third, Nixa Public Schools. 

Our community has grown in a big way over the years due to the success of our school district. Our continued support for the largest employer and a big reason so many people move to Nixa is imperative to our future economic growth. People coming to Nixa for school events, activities, performances and more helps our local businesses succeed. 

Please not only support our schools, please understand by voting “yes,” you’re supporting our businesses, continuation of property value increases and more for our Nixa. As a strategic partner with Nixa Public Schools and having attended several meetings with our school officials, we are confident they are making an outstanding decision for our kids and our community.

Chris Russell

Executive Director, Nixa Area Chamber of Commerce

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