Ozark Mayor Rick Gardner

Ozark Mayor Rick Gardner

To My Ozark Friends, constituents and all Missouri voters,

On Nov. 6, you will all get to exercise your right to vote. My hope is that you will all do your research on the candidates and issues and vote.

When you vote, I encourage you to vote “yes” on Proposition D to increase the Missouri motor fuel tax. The increase in this tax is critical for Missouri to keep up with its public safety needs in the Highway Patrol and to provide the needed funds to keep our many miles of roads and bridges repaired and safe. 

MoDOT is about to begin the new five-lane roadway expansion on Ozark's South Street (from U.S. Highway 65 to Selmore Road) and when done, will begin the identical five-lane project on Jackson Street from Highway 65 to State Route NN. It was a cost-share agreement between MoDOT and the city of Ozark that allows that to happen. 

Ozark's share is coming from our recently passed transportation sales tax and MoDOT's share comes from a combination of federal tax dollars and our current fuel taxes. Both of those projects are long past due because of the shortage of MoDOT funds. Missouri and its residents need this tax to pass to keep our Highway Patrol strong and our roads and  bridges safe. 

Missouri currently ranks 49th out of our 50 states in the amount of our current fuel tax. On the other hand, we have the eighth largest amount of highway miles to maintain. We need the increased tax to be able to keep up!

Just like a lot of you, I drive a lot of miles and don't relish the idea of paying more for fuel. However, the way the new tax is structured, it will be implemented over several years and provide the long term relief Missouri needs. Please VOTE YES on Proposition D.

Rick Gardner, Mayor


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