Andrea Sitzes

Andrea Sitzes

Executive Director, Show Me Christian County

We have the opportunity to significantly increase the road funds available to each municipality within Christian County for pennies. Vote “Yes” on Prop D. 

Proposition D is the single most important piece of legislation for furthering economic development in our county. Through the increase of 2.5 cents each year for four years, Christian County is estimated to receive $1,488,503 through both city and county distributions:

  • Christian County: $800,969
  • City totals: $687,534
    • Nixa: $299,199
    • Ozark: $280,292
    • Clever: $33,645
    • Sparta: $27,620
    • Billings: $16,280
    • Highlandville: $14,329
    • Fremont Hills: $12,992
    • Saddlebrooke: $3,177

With a 2.5 cents increase in the motor fuel tax, the average driver will spend an additional $1.28 per month; fully phased in at 10 cents after four years, the average driver will spend $5.10 per month for safer roads. 

Why is this important and why does it matter? Being actively involved in assisting businesses relocate or expand in Christian County, I can tell you that roads are our No. 1 challenge when creating new jobs. Show Me Christian County currently has 750-plus job opportunities on the horizon. For a number of projects, road improvements are the single item standing in our way. 

Safety is also an increasing concern. The Ozarks Transportation Organization (OTO covers Greene and Christian counties) reported that in 2017 there were 246 serious injury wrecks and 31 fatalities resulting from motor vehicle crashes due to poor road conditions and traffic congestion. Identified maintenance needs in our region are projected to be underfunded $316 Million by 2040. 

The gas tax hasn’t been increased since 1996. Cell phones weren’t popular and people rented VHS tapes. Our world has changed and Missouri has adapted well to changing road demands. Stretching every dollar, MoDOT maintains the seventh largest transportation system in the U.S., and Missouri is funded in the bottom five across the county in revenue per mile. This measure would allow Missouri to leverage $1 billion in federal matching funds. 

From improving quality of life to furthering economic development, I urge you to research the issue further on and review MoDOT’s citizen’s guide. Please, for the sustainability of our county and the future of the area, we live and work, vote “yes” on Prop D.

Grateful for your consideration,

Andrea Sitzes

Executive Director, Show Me Christian County

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