Curtis W. Abbott

Curtis W. Abbott

He is accused of practicing medicine without a license and endangering the welfare of a child. Curtis Abbott made a statement saying the criminal charges he faces are “blown out of proportion.”

Abbott, 47 is charged with two Class D felony counts of endangering the welfare of a child and one Class D felony count of unauthorized practice of medicine or surgery. A Christian County grand jury determined that Abbott, “knowingly acted in a manner that created a substantial risk to the life, body and health,” of two minor children less than 17 years of age.

Abbott put out a video on the YouTube channel for a ministry he runs called Restore Bible Culture.

“I did not illegally circumcise anybody,” Abbott said in the video.

Abbott said that two boys were circumcised for religious reasons in order to observe the Passover holiday. Passover is a holiday to celebrate Jews being freed by God from slavery in Egypt, an event chronicled in the book of Exodus in the Bible. In the video, Abbott denied that the children were ever in danger.

“We used a method that was completely bloodless, wonderfully safe, has no open wounds, no need for sutures,” Abbott said.

In the video, Abbott compared the practice of at-home circumcisions to at-home childbirth. It’s the same principle, he argued.

“There were no problems and it was all great. I think this whole thing is being blown out of proportion and it’s my expectation that the case will ultimately be dismissed,” Abbott said.

The circumcision procedures allegedly occurred in Nixa sometime between May 1, and May 9, 2018.

Online court records show the Christian County grand jury indicted Abbott on Aug. 24. According to online court records, Abbott was booked on Aug. 29 and posted $2,500 bond from jail on Sept. 4.

Abbott is in the process of seeking legal counsel, according to court documents.

Due to the nature of a grand jury indictment, the circumstances under which the allegation of unauthorized practice of medicine or surgery came about are unknown. 

The probable cause statement does not offer any sort of motive by which Abbott would have performed medical procedures. However, Abbott said in the video that the procedures were performed for religious purposes. Abbott maintains that the boys were safe.

“They were checked out by medical staff due to the reports that ended up being made and there was no issues at all. One of them even quoted, ’This was no bigger deal than a scraped knee,’” Abbott said.

Abbott said that he is most sad about how his indictment has caused details of his pending divorce proceedings to be made public in media reports. Abbott said some explanations of his separation from his wife are untrue.

“One of the biggest accusations against me that personally I take as the biggest stab in the heart is that I actually kicked her out of the home. That’s actually completely and utterly false,” Abbott said.

Later in the video, Abbott reiterated his desire to remain married.

“Definitely the worst accusation is that I pushed her out. That’s completely false. She left on her own volition, and I this entire time […] I’m still seeking to restore the marriage,” Abbott said.

On Oct. 17, Abbott received approval for a public defender to represent him in court. He is scheduled to appear before Christian County Circuit Judge Jennifer Growcock again on Dec. 5, for a case status hearing.

Abbott’s indictment, he said, may become part of the story of his ministry.

“I want to see God’s purposes in the earth. I want to see the restoration of our family. I want to see the fragrance of messiah come forth from our lives, and yes, this trouble is part of the crushing that may ultimately release that fragrance,” Abbott said. “Hey, whatever it takes.”

Abbott’s YouTube channel contains some past videos related to the ministry, Restore Bible Culture.

In his launch video for the ministry, Abbott speaks of a desire to move toward a Hebrew culture.

“I’m looking at restoring the Hebrew thread of New Covenant Christianity,” Abbott said. He goes on to speak of “restored Bible authority like I alluded to earlier with financial provision, with signs and wonders, with divine healing moving because we believe God.”

In the launch video, Abbott alluded to some of the challenges he would face.

“I know there is an absolute ominous task to go out and pursue some of these things that God has put on my heart. But you know, there is (sic) giants in the land. There’s religious giants. There’s governmental giants, there’s all manner of different giants in the land,” Abbott said in the video.

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Curtis Abbott

Though medical doctors often practice circumcision today, circumcision is not the practice of medicine. Unchanged for thousands of years, circumcision is the practice of religion that dates to the very inception of Judaeo-Christianity. Abraham circumcised his children; we have the right to circumcise ours. As explained in my video, upon the repeated request of my children, we merely fulfilled an age-old scriptural command with zero complications using a method that is very safe, easy and requires no stitches because it leaves no open wounds. You’d think there would have to be more to this, but there is not. These legal charges are an unjustified, blatant assault on Religious Liberty and the First Amendment rights of every American.

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