Nixa Community Foundation awards grants to local causes

Paul Johns/Headliner News

Congrats: Pictured with Nixa Community Foundation board members are the recipients of 16 grants awarded to various charities and local organization for the betterment of life in Nixa.

The Nixa Community Foundation will have an extra $10,000 in its coffers to award to worthy causes during its 2019 grant round. 

Community Foundation of the Ozarks awarded $10,000 to the Nixa Community Foundation for the “Rural Ozarks Health Initiative,” CFO, in partnership with the Missouri Foundation for Health, awarded 10 of its 49 affiliate foundations $10,000 each in 2018 and again in 2019. Those dollars are all designated for grants that will address one of the many health issues in Nixa and Christian County.

Nixa Community Foundation, based on the grant application it submitted, specified that the $10,000 will be used for grants that will improve the health of the people the foundation serves.

“We are very excited about this opportunity to help improve the health of Nixa and county residents through these grant dollars provided by Community Foundation of the Ozarks, especially since this will increase our total giving this year by approximately 25 percent,” Nixa Community Foundation President Chris Thomas said.

NCF encourages any organization or institution in its service area that is 501-C-3 tax exempt and has a program that meets specific needs to improve the overall health of residents in Nixa and Christian County to apply for these designated grant dollars.

“We are looking for grant applications that deal with all aspects of making a person healthier,” Thomas said, “including proper diet, hygiene, dental care, safety issues for the elderly, and mental and emotional health.”

Grant applications, letters and press releases for NCF's 2019 grant round will go out the first week of August with a submission deadline for grant applications in mid-October. The recipients will be chosen in November and the funds awarded before the end of the year.

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