Big Whiskeys of Nixa

Renovations are underway at a former Ruby Tuesday’s restaurant at the intersection of Missouri Highway 13 and Northview Road in Nixa. The building is slated to become a Big Whiskey’s restaurant.

New building codes take effect in Nixa Jan. 1, 2019.

In the midst of a boom in new home construction, Nixa joins four neighboring municipalities in adopting the International Building Code for 2018 and the National Electric Code for 2017. It marks the first time in six years that Nixa has updated its building codes.

Director of the Building Department Travis Cossey explained that the city adopts new codes periodically to, “accommodate new materials and practices utilized by the building trades industry.”

In 2018, Nixa approved 261 lots for construction in six different subdivisions. Presently, according to a presentation City Administrator Jimmy Liles gave at the 2018 Nixa State of the Community Dinner, there are 331 lots under construction in eight different subdivisions.

“The city of Nixa is continuing to experience large residential growth,” Liles said.

To deal with the demand for new homes and to work with its neighbors, Cossey explained that Nixa took part in a series of meetings with other municipalities over the past year. Development and zoning leaders examined the 2018 International Building Codes in depth.

“We facilitated a work group with area jurisdictions including Ozark, Republic and Christian County to go through the proposed amendments for the 2018 code to look at those sections that we didn’t feel applied to southwest Missouri,” Cossey said.

The city of Battlefield also took part in examining the 2018 building codes.

“The reason that we work with the other jurisdictions in the area is to ensure that there is a unified code that is used and adopted to make it convenient for builders as well, as they move from jurisdiction to jurisdiction,” Cossey said.

While the Nixa City Council adopted the new codes on Nov. 13, they will not take effect until Jan. 1, 2019. Cossey said this will give Nixa time to work with its developers and make them aware of any changes before more construction starts in 2019.

“Our desire to get it as early as we have is to work with the builders and let them know what’s coming,” Cossey said.

Nixa is currently operating under the 2012 International Building Code and 2011 National Electric Code. It is scheduled to update its building codes again in 2024.

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