Marie Day

The weeks seem to be moving much too quickly. Winter has set in again. It will take a pretty good freeze to get rid of all that mud. 

The weather was a nightmare on Saturday and a dream on Sunday after the early morning freeze went away and the sun came out. Only in Missouri do we need a pair of shorts and coveralls laying side by side.

The rodeo folks have said a lot of prayers the past week after losing one of their top young bull riders when Mason Lowe was stepped on by a bull. Since this family has had several bull riders, we know from experience that there are many prayers of thanks each time a rider walks away. As far as that goes, all sports can be dangerous given the right situation.

My video camera that has had many pictures taken with it has had a rest. The VCR tapes were getting almost impossible to replace. Several were available at an estate sale last week. That should be enough to last as long as my picture taking continues. 

Baby Dusti stayed with me a while on Friday. She enjoys looking out windows. She is aware that is where Mom went. She is a Momma’s girl.

Most of the weekend was spent getting some birthday presents made. Hopefully, they will be enjoyed by the grandkids.

One of my granddaughters and her husband are on a vacation trip. They will probably be where it is warmer. Everyone wants to be in a warmer place right now.

The Oldfield Opry was called off again on Saturday night since the backroads had a lot of ice on them. It would have been awfully cold for a slide off. Things should be back to normal this Saturday evening.

The school will be having two home games this week. Our crowds are sometimes in danger of being hit by basketballs. My friend walked away last week with a black eye.

The Friendship Club met on Wednesday at the community building. Club books were filled out. Roll call for this year is the research of a past president. It should be interesting. It hast to be a president who was in office more than ten years ago. I plan to research one that most hear very little about.

Avaline Harris should be home from her month in Florida visiting her nephews by now. We look forward to having her helping with the quilting on Brenda Thorne’s quilt on Monday morning.

There should be a few more trips to the dentist for me. It isn’t something I look forward to. There is too much time in a chair doing nothing.

My neighbor, Kathy, spent some time in the ER on Friday night with her daughter. I hear that was a lot of waiting and waiting. That is not a strong point for many of us. 

You all have a good week.

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