Progress is steady as work continues on an $11.1 million addition to the Christian County Justice Center.

Construction crews intend to have the three-story, 34,000-square foot building in Ozark complete by the new target completion date of March 1, 2019. DeWitt and Associates Project Manager Michael Sutton and Paragon Architecture Project Manager Michael Younglove gave a full progress report to the Christian County Commission Aug. 16. The justice center annex sits to the south of the existing Christian County Justice Center, and will have its main entrance at the corner of West Walnut Street and South First Street.

On the west side, overhead doors are being placed in the sally ports that law enforcement officers and other courthouse staff will use. Construction crews are also working on planters, access ramps, storm drains and retaining walls in the south parking lot, which will be an enclosed, secure lot used for employee parking.

A public parking lot sits to the west of the new justice center building. Elsewhere on the exterior, Sutton reported that glass windows are going up on all sides.

Inside the justice center annex, crews are hanging sheetrock, plumbers are taking care of some rough end plumbing, electricians are running conduit and the building’s elevators will be installed soon. Duct work is ongoing, as is the installation of the building’s fire suppression sprinkler system.

Progress has been steady. Workers on the roof are checking for leaks and any problem spots where HVAC units are creating water condensation.

“We’re still tracing down a couple of leaks along that roof curve, and we found one one them (Aug. 15), so we’re trying to get all of those resolved,” Sutton said.

Younglove explained that the roof will be inspected and will be under a warranty.

“It will be a warranted roof for 20 years, it’s what we had specified. I think a manufacturer would have to actually come out, inspect the joints and they’ll give their OK before they sign off and give you a warranty,” Younglove said. “That’s part of the closeout process.”

Younglove reported that the contractor is waiting to receive a shipment of eight detention-grade door frames with electronic locks. The detention area, which will house eight holding cells for inmates who are having hearings and trials in the building’s courtrooms, was the subject to a series of debates by the commission and changes to the construction contract in the amount of $182,000 in mid-July.

Soon, workers will be able to place some of the chairs, tables and fixtures that will go inside the justice center annex courtrooms.

“All of that furniture is already in place, it’s been selected,” Younglove said.

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