Nixa tennis

Nixa's Garrett Robertson likes to wear his Roger Federer hat whenever he's on the court.

Headliner News sports editor Pat Dailey engaged in a Q’s and A’s session with Nixa sophomore tennis player Garrett Robertson:

Q: What is your birth date and where were you born?

Robertson: My birth date is 8/29/02 and I was born in Dallas. I was 10 years old when we moved to Nixa. I was living in Wiley, Texas, when we moved. I didn’t know anything about Nixa before I came here. All my parents told me was that we were going to a fun town. My Dad (Scott) grew up here and went to Kickapoo My Mom (Lori) grew up in Woodward, Oklahoma.   

Q: Who is your favorite professional tennis player?

Robertson: Roger Federer has been my favorite since I started playing. I model my forehand after him and it seems to work for me. When I play, I think of him. He’s the greatest of all time. 

Q: What is your favorite TV show?

Robertson: It’s got to be “Impractical Jokers.” Joe (Gatto) is really funny. He always says the dumbest stuff.  

Q: What are some of your hobbies away from sports?

Robertson: I’m big into jeeps. I’m a tinker. I sit in the garage and work on my jeep and hang out.  I watch rock-climbing videos. They call them rock-bouncers. They’re completely custom and have 40-inch tires. They’re beasts. We go to a rock-climbing place Seymour. It’s really fun. I try to stay out of the mud because it’s not very much cleaning out the inside of the jeep.

Q: How do you compare indoors tennis to outdoors tennis?

Robertson: Indoors is a lot more fast-paced. The floor is usually a lot more slick. Outdoors, it’s a lot grippier. You have to withstand the elements, so the play is a lot slower.

Q: What do you prefer, singles play or doubles?

Robertson:I like doubles a lot, but I’m kind of more about being on my own. 

Q: What is your type of music?

Robertson: I listen to a lot of stuff, Juice Wrld mainly. He ’s my favorite rapper. Rap music is my favorite kind of music. I’m always listening to music before I do anything. I always have music jamming in my jeep before I go anywhere. 

Q: Which social media do you prefer?

Robertson: I use Snapchat to talk to my friends.

Q: What do you drive?

Robertson: A ’99 XJ Cherokee. My dream ride is a ’99 Cherokee, that’s what I’m building right now. 

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