Sports editor Pat Dailey engaged in a Q’s and A’s session with Ozark junior linebacker/running back Ethan Pritchard:

Q: What is your birthdate and where were you born?

Pritchard: Feb. 11, 2003 in Springfield. I lived in Springfield, then went to Nixa for kindergarten and first grade and then moved to Ozark. It’s weird now knowing that I went to school in Nixa. I’ve had a couple kids from Nixa say they had class with me back then, but I don’t remember any of them. I have a bad memory.

Q: What do you like best about living in Ozark?

Pritchard: I feel like everyone in the community supports each other. After games last year, I would be coming off the field all sweaty and tired and people who I had never met before were telling me, ‘Good game’ or ‘Good hit.’ I love it.

Q: What is your favorite TV show?

Pritchard: I have to go with “Friends.” I like Joey (played by Matt LeBlanc). He’s stupid and it's funny to watch him. My Dad talked to me about the show, saying back then it was the show to watch on Thursdays (from 1994-2004). I started watching it on Netflix.

Q: What is your type of music and who are some of your favorite bands or artists?

Pritchard: Rap. I like Louisy Vert, 21 Savage and Future. I usually listen to rap and then rock right before a game. For rock, I like Motley Crue.

Q: What’s been your favorite vacation spot?

Pritchard: Destin, Florida. We went with five families and shared a house. We went with (football players) Cannon Cox, Logan Baldwin and Hunter Tennison and their families. It was a lot of fun.

Q: Past or present, who is an Ozark athlete you admired?

Pritchard: (2013 grad) Cody Lindsay. He was also a running back and middle linebacker.  

Q: What is something about yourself that maybe even your closest friends don’t know?

Pritchard: I like “The Hobbit.” 

Q: How old were you when you first started playing football?

Pritchard: I started in the third grade. My Dad was my coach from the third to sixth grades. I got into the OFL (Ozarks Football League) and Cannon Cox’s sister’s husband coached us until the eighth grade. 

Q: What are your favorite professional and college sports teams?

Pritchard: Obviously, the Kansas City Chiefs. For colleges, I like Clemson and LSU. If they play each other, I’d probably go for LSU.

Q: What is your favorite food?

Pritchard: Chinese food. Panda Express is my favorite restaurant. I like pepperoni pizza from Domino’s.

Q: Who are people of worldwide fame you look up to? 

Pritchard: Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg. I really got into “The Rock” and Wahlberg when they were in “Pain & Gain.” It was about weightlifting. I follow them both on Instagram and watch workout videos of them on YouTube.

Q: Since gaining a passion for weightlifting, how have your workouts changed?

Pritchard: When I first started lifting in the seventh grade, I just thought you could show up and lift. When I got a membership at Evolution last year, I showed up and didn’t really have a plan. I realized I need to have a plan when I  go in and be smarter about what I do when I’m lifting.

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