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Ozark lineman Trenton Sederwall will join Mizzou as a preferred walk-on.

Trenton Sederwall worried he might have to endure a double whammy due to a high ankle sprain that interrupted his senior season.

The injury not only sidelined the Ozark offensive lineman for the Tigers’ Backyard Brawl at Nixa, he fretted a reputation might grow among college coaches that he was injury prone or not tough enough.

“Having to watch form the sideline during the Backyard Brawl devastated me,” Sederwall said. “Not being able to help my team there was the worst feeling. But I couldn’t any pressure on (my ankle).

“I also thought it might be the only chance for me to continue my career and worried people might look at me and think, ‘Oh, he’s injured, I don’t know if he’s going to be able to do anything.’”

Once healthy, Sederwall erased any doubts, if there indeed were any. The 6-foot-6, 285-pounder finished strong to earn All-COC First-Team honors and eventually the opportunity to be a preferred walk-on at Mizzou. 

Not one to back away from a challenge, he’s taking the Tigers up on their offer.

“I want to play at the highest level and earn my place against the best players,” Sederwall said. “Going to Mizzou is going to bring out the best in me. I hope I’ll earn a scholarship.”

Sederwall also drew recruiting interest from Nebraska, Missouri State, Southern Illinois, Pitt State and Evangel.

He’s already aware he will have to beef up to line up with and against linemen at the NCAA D-I level.

“Every player wants to play their first year. But right now, I’m only 285 pounds,” Sederwall said. “They’re going to want me at 300. That’s what I’m working toward, to put more muscle on. 

“I’m working out at Evolution now. A lot of Ozark athletes wanting to get better are starting to train there. I’ll go (to Mizzou) the first weekend of June and start training there.”

Sederwall’s maxes include a 500 squat and a 290 bench press.

“Being 6-foot-6 and squatting 500 pounds, I think I’m going in the right direction,” he said. 

Sederwall already feels a bond with the rest of Mizzou’s recruiting class. They communicate with each other through a group text and on Snapchat. 

“Before we eve get there, we’re all going to be good friends,” Sederwall said. 

He added the recruits have unified in the wake of the NCAAA handing out a one-year post-season ban on the Tigers’ football, baseball and softball programs.

“What happened at Mizzou with the penalties, we’re a family now, we’ll stick together and fight through it,” Sederwall said. “That’s an obstacle we will have to get past.”

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