Ozark tennis

Ozark’s tennis team includes (front row, l-r) Tony Psarev, Gavin Reese, Justin Battaglia, Luke Mulder, Jacob Dralle, Garrett VonBecker, Logan Hylton, Roman Campa, (back row, l-r) Ethan Frye, Gonzalo Manzanares, Koula Tabuya, Clinton Quirk, Tucker Potts, Ethan Whatley, Nash Rodebush and Ayden Thompson.

Ozark’s six singles players don’t figure to change this season, but the slot in which they play might change quite a bit.

Tigers coach Greg Hannah, in his final season at Ozark, plans on having ladder matches throughout the season due to the parity among his top six players. 

“We know who the top six are, we’re just not sure what order they will be,” Hannah said. “We’re trying to figure that out. They’re all relatively equal. On any given day, they can beat each other, so we may change the order here and there.”

Ozark has seniors in Luke Mulder, Jacob Dralle and Justin Battaglia. The rest of the Tigers’ lineup is filled by Gavin Reese, Garrett VonBecker and Logan Hylton

“Luke, Jacob and Justin are experienced players,” Hannah said. “They have worked hard on their games. We expect them to provide leadership.”

Dralle was a No. 3 flight COC singles champion last year.

As for doubles, Dralle and Mulder will partner up, Battaglia and Reese will team up and VonBecker and Hylton will form a duo

“I think our doubles teams will be solid,” Hannah said.

Ozark opens its season Monday at home versus Rogersville. 

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