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Trash bins belonging to Republic Services sit alongside the curb on South Pinehurst Street in Nixa. Republic Services won a new contract to provide trash service in Nixa until 2023.

Nixa residents will see their trash collection rates climb 44 cents per month at the start of 2019. In total, rates will increase $1.88 per month, or $22.56 per year, by 2023.

The Nixa City Council voted 6-0 to approve a five-year waste collection contract with Republic Services at a meeting Nov. 13. The current monthly service fee Nixa residents pay is $11.04 and includes 95‐gallon containers for both regular trash and curbside recycling. 

Nixa Director of Public Works Doug Colvin explained that the rates will increase gradually each year, starting with 44 cents per month in 2019.

“It escalates over the years between 32 and 38 cents, making the final year a total of $12.92,” Colvin said.

Colvin said that Nixa received two bids for trash service, and one of those bids was complete. Only Republic Services, Colvin said, met specifications that the Nixa Department of Public works sought when it put trash services out to bid.

“I don’t want to say it’s the only one we got. I hate to say that because it almost sounds derogatory, but it is a good proposal, in my opinion,” Colvin said.

Colvin said Nixa has good history using Republic Services for trash collection.

“In my opinion, Republic Services has provided excellent service through the last couple of contracts that we have had with them,” Colvin said. “The pricing is very reasonable and with what I have seen from a couple of our neighboring communities, we’re still under some of our neighboring communities [in cost].”

One change under the new contract will be that residents may choose between 95-gallon and 65‐gallon carts. Presently, only the larger size trash bins are available.

However there is no cost difference on which one a customer chooses. A customer who picks the 65-gallon cart will still pay the same monthly fee as a customer with a 95-gallon cart.

District 3 Councilman Justin Orf championed the idea of the smaller trash cart option.

“One of my ideas with offering the 65-gallon (bin) was that it could potentially reduce the cost to customers because they were consuming less. So, I was hoping that they would pay less,” Orf said.

Chris Snyder, Manager of Municipal Services for Republic Services, explained why his company won’t offer smaller carts at a discount.

“If everybody downsized and decided to use 65 gallons, or less, we still pick up all the trash that’s on the ground, taking into account the extra that they put out. Many people in those situations take advantage,” Snyder said.

In the future, Orf still wants to explore cost-saving measures for Nixa residents who don’t need a large trash bin.

“There was a constituent that—he talked to me when I first got elected,” Orf said. “He produces one bag of trash, like, a month because he’s not in town for half the month, and he recycles everything else, and so he was hoping that he wouldn’t have to pay the full amount for just producing one bag of trash.”

Nixa does offer an alternative to residents ages 62 and older, a waste bag program. Senior citizens purchase trash bags from Republic Services and put them out by their curbs with no bin or cart. They pay a fee for every bag they use, currently a fee of $1.85 per bag. The fee will climb to $2.05 per bag by 2023 under the new contract.

Curbside recycling won’t change much. Residents may still use their recycling bins, provided they don’t put glass in them.

“Glass is going to be out of the question because it contaminates the other products,” Snyder said.

Nixa does have a drop-off center, where residents may drop off recyclable glass that is then transportation to Springfield and eventually to a recycler in Kansas City, Ripple Glass.

Per the new contract, Republic Services will also provide special services, such as large item pickup, move‐in/out service, cleanup for Sucker Days, parades and other events. The new contract expires Dec. 31, 2023.

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