Clever library branch ground broken

Construction of the new Clever branch of the Christian County Library got underway in mid-April 2020. The project, a 5,100-square foot library off of Highway 14, will be complete in early 2021.

The old adage that hard work pays off is true. Remember back in January when the library challenged the Christian County community to read one million minutes for the 2020 Winter Reading Challenge? 

The goal was to become a top-performing library district eligible to earn awards from Penguin Random House. For those who do not recall, we actually read 1,123,623 minutes. That dedication paid off, we are excited to announce we won a 2020 Winter Reading Challenge prize.

The Christian County Library was one of only 50 libraries to receive $1,000 worth of children’s and young readers books. Thank you to all those devoted readers and teachers across the county who diligently logged their reading minutes all month long to reach this goal. These new books will be used to build the collection in the two new community library branches located in Clever and Sparta. 

Speaking of the new community library branches, have you been following along with our progress? If not, let us catch everybody up to speed. Construction began in Clever in mid-April. The ground excavation work is complete and just last week the foundation was poured. Soon we should see the building’s framing starting to go up. In Sparta, we have received the building permit and the excavation work is nearly complete. 

Now that everyone is caught up, make sure to keep current with the construction process by visiting our expansion webpage at to view photos of the construction site, building plans and completion timelines. There is also a live time-lapse photo feed of the Sparta Community Branch updated every 10 minutes, allowing everyone the ability to view the construction process immediately and in real-time.  

The Christian County Library’s mission is to spread literacy, build community, provide needed resources and be a general help to the people in our county. With the expansion and building of these two community branches, there will be four full-service community library branch locations across the Highway 14 corridor, resulting in 95 percent of the Christian County population living within just 10 miles of a library. Hard work is paying off. 

If anybody missed out on the 2020 Winter Reading Challenge, do not worry. The Summer Reading Challenge is happening now through Aug. 15, 2020. So far, we have collectively read more than 700,000 minutes. Continue to log points on Beanstack by reading books, completing activities, and writing book reviews. Every 500 points earned is one entry into the prize pack drawing of your choice. This Summer’s prize packs include Nintendo Switch, Disney+ subscription, Instant Pot, wireless headphones and much more. 

For more information about the construction process or the Summer Reading Challenge, visit us at or on our social media platforms. We are all building our community one book at a time! 

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