COVER: Marie Day, Chadwick area news

I ran into Joel Blevins at Walmart last week. We each agreed that the flies and allergies were driving us crazy right now.

The eye doctor said my distance vision was 20/20. Then, the allergies set in with all the itching and blurriness. That has not been so good. A lot of folks are going through the same thing.

The flies are making it hard on the cattle. Some have lost cattle from the horse fly disease. I bought new cattle rubs and blocks. Hopefully, that will help some. A good freeze would really be better on the flies, just not so good on late plants.

One apple tree had blooms on it Sunday morning. There were very few leaves. Strange!

David came after my bull to take to his bull pen for a while. He was taking bulls to Illinois over the weekend.

Avaline Harris is recovering in the rehab center after her fall. Friends, Margaret and Huba, visited her a few times the past week. Hopefully, she will be able to be home soon. Her niece will be staying with her for a while when she gets back to her house.

Snakes are being reported all over the place now. We should all wear shoes or boots when we go out. A little four-year-old girl in the Garrison area was bitten on the finger by a rattle snake at the end of the week. Here is wishing her a speedy recovery.

A lot of dead leaves are being blown off the trees. Fall is here but the temperatures don't say it is.

The Annual Chadwick Booster Club Squirrel Hunt is scheduled for Oct. 12. Contact the school for details.

The school carnival is scheduled for Oct. 19. Candidates and their families will be asking for donations soon. You all should start planning for the Foundation Craft Fair on Nov. 23. It takes a while to get things ready so one can't start projects too soon. I will have some local history books available for sale.

The biggest area event for this weekend is the annual Oldfield Opry Pig Roast. Sept. 28. You all should come. You will enjoy delicious food and good entertainment all afternoon.

Have a good week, stay well, and take time to see some of the local sports programs.

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