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It is only a week until Missouri is officially off of “stay in your houses,” orders. We can go lots of places with modifications to our schedules.

The general public (and mostly me) are like a herd of cows and don’t like enclosed places. When we were getting ready to work my cows a couple of weeks ago, I put them in a small pasture. They were put in a smaller pasture the next day, and on the working day, they were in a smaller lot.

When we finished working the cows and opened the gate, they took off up the hill and I didn’t see them for 24 hours. We are all ready for an open gate.

There were a lot of canaries in the yard over the weekend. Hummingbirds have made it to the porch, too.

I got a black eye several years ago when a mule threw me off as we were riding on the high hill. That could have happened again last week as I was driving a cow off of a pond bank. I step across some groundhog holes in the carrot weed, not realizing there was another hole. My left leg went in up to my knee, and my cheek and nose hit the ground.

I got up expecting to see blood and expected to have a black eye. It was just very sore for several days. Lucky!

Our friend Patty calls each week to keep up on local happenings. They usually come back to Missouri after Easter, but things didn’t work out for them to travel safely this year.

Bobby got the water gates put in for me last week. The cows couldn’t use half of the pastures until they were fixed. We had to move one of them farther down the creek, because the water was too high where they had always been installed. This seems to be working for now.

Saturday night was scheduled to be Chadwick’s high school graduation. That couldn’t happen. Amy Sallee and other parents planned a parade from Chadwick down Highway 125 to the school, and past where the seniors were standing in front of the building at a safe distance.

Parents parked at the bus barn to take pictures and pass out gift bags to each senior.

It was a wonderful evening for everyone involved. There were about 50 cars taking part in the parade, the people in them wishing the kids the best.

Hopefully, someone took video of the wonderful, exciting evening. I saw so many great pictures from the group. It was a night of laughter and tears of joy. There will be a formal graduation later. Dates will probably be announced soon.

Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Morris for taking part in the parade and for being so supportive of our school and community all the time. It is truly appreciated.

The battery died in my pickup truck Saturday evening. Luckily, it was in front of the Community Building and not in traffic.

Thanks to Kirk and Jessica Daugherty for getting jumper cables and getting it started. Thanks to Justin and Katie House for calling around to find a place open until 9 p.m. to get it replaced. O’Reilly had a new one put in, and I was home by 9:30. My pickup truck now has jumper cables inside. If anyone needs to use them, just ask.

Aunt Tammy was saying that Stevi Jones will be playing basketball for College of the Ozarks in the fall of 2020. Congratulations!

You all stay safe and well. Think only good thoughts. Good times will come again soon.

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