Devil's Claws

A MYSTERIOUS PLANT believed to be called the devil’s claw was discovered at a home near Sparta. Columnist Marie Day and the rest of the Chadwick quilting club would like to learn more about it.

It has been a short news week since my column needs to go in early because of Labor Day.

We did get an inch of very-needed rain, and thank goodness there was no storming here on Swan Creek.

I finally had to give in and mow my yard. There was always some excuse to wait a few more days.

The cattle got moved to a different pasture, so the gates had to be left open for any late arrivals to the pens. They tend to hide out when calving. One cow and a new calf were in my yard this morning. She did do some weed-eating and left some fertilizer.

Anyone interested in the World War I veterans book can go by the Christian County Library and look at one. A family book was taken to the printers in Point Lookout on Wednesday. That seems to make me want to do some shopping at the malls in Branson. The sales are good now on summer items. There are still lots of summer temperatures ahead.

A thought for the week seems to be on my mind. When we dig for history it is easy for all of the bad things to stand out. Then, watching so many negative things on the news, it really hit home.

“If we would work as hard trying to find the best in people as we work at digging up the bad, it would be a much better world to leave our kids.”

A friend of mine came to quilting a few weeks ago with a strange looking plant. They had dug it up from their yard and didn’t know what it was. None of us had seen it before.

Now, I would like help from you readers to understand how this plant that does not seem to be native to America got to Sparta, Missouri?

It’s called a devil’s claw. We found it is used to make some medicines.

How did it get here?

Can it be purchased locally?

Is it dangerous to wildlife or humans?

Will it become a danger to our countryside?

Will it take over like the thistle does?

We are saving seeds to plant here.

You all have a great week.

Do you have some knowledge of the mysterious devil’s claw plant that was discovered in eastern Christian County? Email your tips to, and we will help Marie Day and her friends gain some understanding of this unique plant.

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