COVER: Marie Day, Chadwick area news

My goodness, what a week! The heat was really on. I did get a quarter of an inch of rain one evening. That didn't last long.

Folks are beginning to get the early vegetables from their gardens. I got one yellow tomato and several cucumbers. That was the best tomato I've had in a year.

There was a good club meeting at Karen's on Wednesday. Everyone voted to rent the community building with a limited number of folks attending. Call us for details. Karen had her house decorated for the Fourth of July. After lunch, she gave us a history test about things that were a part of why we celebrate the Fourth of July. It was obvious some of us needed to study up on that. We really enjoyed identifying patriotic songs. Linda Rozell will be hostess for the August meeting.

Caleb Koch had a little fall on some slick rocks and made a trip for an X-ray. It was just bruised. He has had quite a bit of pain with it.

Just a reminder of the Oldfield Opry Outdoors this Saturday evening from 6:30-8 p.m. Bring your own chair and enjoy some outdoor cooking and drinks. Take time to meet with friends and make new ones.

Wasps are famous for getting inside metal gates as they get older and rusted. One knew just where to land on my leg next to a scar I got while fishing in Swan Creek near Garrison in 1953.

The blackberries are nice this year. The worst part about picking them is the briers seem to just reach out and grab the picker. My neighbor kids didn't enjoy that part of berry picking.

The gate going up the road needed to be open for picking berries. As I was walking up to open it, the dog (who doesn't have good eyesight) walked between my legs and tripped me. There wasn't time for catching myself, so I landed on my left knee and right shoulder. Now I am limping around and hurting when I cough. It will probably be a trip to the doctor later.

If there is ever another dog here on my farm, it will be trained by the "6 foot distance" rule. Kathy told me dogs love being close and may be hard to train one for 6 feet.

Kids came down from Phillipsburg Sunday afternoon. They got rid of a tree that was in the way.

Our school board decided to have school as usual, but with regulations for safety for all.

My niece, Anita, had to go to the hospital for tests over the weekend. She is home and will see another doctor this week for more evaluations.

I had a long visit with Hester early Sunday morning. Since her retirement, she has been cleaning house, painting and sorting things to get rid of. It sounded like she may have overdone on the hard work.

There was a trip to Branson Thursday morning to pick up the books on World War II and reprints of “Chadwick Then and Now,” from the Chadwick Centennial of 1983. Why I chose to drive H highway and 160 is a mystery. Highway 65 back to Ozark was a better choice. Anyone who would like to buy one of these books can pick them up on Mondays at the community building while we are quilting. Or you could call me, I am in the book!

Happy birthday to all you July folks.

You all have a good week and think of only good things to say and do.

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