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There was all kinds of weather and different temperatures for the past three days. If one didn’t like what was happening at noon, there was always that 4 o’clock change. It could be better, and could be worse.

There was high water Friday night with it crossing my front pasture. It left debris in my fence, but didn’t seem to do a lot of damage to the fence or grounds. The water came and went quickly.

It does make us look forward to Monday and better temperatures. There was no ice on the trees at creek level Sunday afternoon. From the snow line up, it was a winter wonderland great for picture taking.

The weather was so unlike Thursday when we could be out in lightweight clothes. I couldn’t resist a walk along the creek bank and onto the island where we take the kids to get Christmas trees for their classroom each year. Walking under the cedar trees gave me time to think about my purpose in life. The list is long and my plan is to do as much good as possible for everything and everyone. Part of the plan is to start writing a couple of books next week. The stack of information is very close to my table.

There were some neat ballgames last week. I missed some of them because of other commitments and possible high water or storms. The little ones are really good entertainment and work so hard to do well. It was good to able to visit with my niece, Trish, at the Sparta game while here granddaughters were playing basketball. She was telling me that her sister Jeanne’s ex-husband Rick had died of a heart attack. He was pretty young for a heart attack.

There was a long visit with my granddaughter, Julie last week. They are staying really busy with Karli being a junior at Seymour High School, Jeff running Lucky’s Lumber and Julie working at the flower shop. Busy is good!

One grandson is to be deployed this week. Hopefully, all will go well for him and for his family at home.

My granddaughter, Joey was making a trip to Kansas City for football games. We all worry when they are out on slick roads. Of course, I remember taking the four kids and going to St. Louis one year when there was only one lane of I-44 open. I was a lot younger at that time, and I probably wasn’t as cautious as I am now.

Another Saturday night with no Oldfield Opry. It was good planning not to have an early show because of weather, we sure had it.

I talked to Millie Donahoe Sunday evening, and she was saying they are doing some remodeling to get ready for when Dennis comes home.

Animals can be so smart. I put out hay for three days and closed gates with a plan of when to open them. Most of the cows made their way up the hill to be in the protective timber during the storm. Half a dozen cows were still eating on the second day of hay, and I thought I would step out and open the gate for the next day. Within 30 minutes, those cows started bawling and all of the cows came off the hill for the hay that was planned for the next day.

Don’t ever call your cows dumb.

June Bilyeu and Patty Hursh are on a trip to Washington state for a funeral of a relative.

Pam Herd came down last week to pick out some fabric I was downsizing. I will need to get another friend or two to finish it off as I have time to be home long enough.

I did some crazy sewing while the creek was up and ice was on the roads. Now to find a place to wear the new outfit. There is also a jacket cut out that will be finished this week.

I stopped by to see the remodeling Jerry and Linda Rozell had made to their home. It looks great after all that hard work.

I had a call from Darlene Applegate Sunday night. She is enjoying the scarf and had that were made by Fern Weter. The large cross that was made my a friend, Don, is a hit at her place. The flu made an appearance at their house in the past week. It also made her brother pretty sick, even with a flu shot.

The Chadwick Friendship Club will meet Wednesday, Jan. 15, for the January meeting. Everyone is always welcome to come join us. Our main goal is to maintain the Chadwick Community Building and grounds for the use of the community. It does get used a lot. The railroad sold the grounds to the Friendship Club back in the ’60s, to be used by all of us. And it takes a village to keep things going. We have several books available that tell the history of our area.

You all have a safe and happy week.

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