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Nominations are being accepted for the January 2020 election of Christian County University of Missouri Extension Council members, according to Council Chairman Josh Bird.

Council members are elected or appointed to two-year terms and may not serve more than two consecutive terms. Nominees must be at least 18 and must reside in the district from which they are selected. Nominations must be made prior to Dec. 1, 2019.

"We want nominees who are interested in the progress of our community," Bird said. "The resources of the University of Missouri are available to us. We need active council members to help us to address a wide range of needs that fall into our three grand challenges: economic opportunity; educational excellence; and healthy futures.”

According to Robert Kerley, Council Elections Committee Chair, MU Extension is a partnership of the University of Missouri campuses, Lincoln University, the people of Missouri through county extension councils, and the National Institute for Food and Agriculture of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  

“While often recognized for work in agriculture, Extension actually has a much wider range of focus and influence”, Kerley said. 

MU Extension makes university education and information accessible for: economic viability, empowering individuals, building strong families and communities and creating healthy environments.

Nominations may be made at the Christian County MU Extension center located at 202 W. Elm in Ozark. 

“We need people with diverse areas of expertise who are in tune with the community, have their community’s best interests at heart, and are willing to open the doors of opportunity for Christian County residents through University of Missouri Extension,” Kerley said.

Information or literature about University of Missouri Extension programs is available at the Christian County MU Extension center located at 202 W. Elm Street in Ozark and at

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