Utility lines moved, upgraded along Highway 14

GRIDLIANCE, Nixa Utilities’ partner in power transmission, contracted workers to relocate power transmission lines and poles along the east-west Highway 14 corridor in Nixa.


The Christian County Commission’s 30-day stay at home order in response to the COVD-19 coronavirus pandemic set parameters most residents will become familiar with in short order.

The defines lists of “essential activities,” and “essential businesses.”

To help make it easier, we’ve gone through the order and its appendix to list these essential activities and businesses:

Essential activities

Health care — This is any task essential to the health and safety of persons, or the health and safety of family or household members. Pets are included. Persons may also assist “close personal acquaintances” by obtaining medical supplies or medication, transporting themselves or another person to a health care professional, or obtaining supplies needed to work from home. Caring for a loved one, friend or pet in another household is also legal.

Outdoor activity — You are still allowed to go outside, so long as you comply with physical distancing guidelines from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. Running, walking, hiking and cycling are all legal without limitation.

Services and supplies — This is where activities such as grocery shopping are protected. If you need to shop for yourself, a family member or a “close personal acquaintance,” you may, so long as you are obtaining good and services “necessary to maintain the safety, sanitation and essential operation of residences.”

Work — If you are going to work providing essential products and services at an essential business, or performing minimum basic operations at a non-essential business, you can.

Essential businesses


building supply stores

child care

communications infrastructure

construction and home repair

convenience stores

educational activities


emergency management




funeral and mortuary services


hazardous material handling

health care and pharmacies

home-based care for adults

hotels and motels

information technology

inspective services for construction

laundromats, dry cleaners

law enforcement

lawn and landscaping

legal services

mailing services

manufacturing for essential businesses 

media services (including print, radio and television)

nursing homes and residential care facilties


public safety

public works

religious activities with 10 or fewer persons to support distance and/or virtual services

restaurants with carry-out, drive-through or delivery services


shelter and social services

vehicle repair

veterinary care, pet food

waste management

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