A city-run website, invites visitors to share their thoughts on the strategic plan that will shape Nixa from 2020 to 2025.

It’s now easier than ever for Nixa residents to offer their input on what’s going well, and what’s not going so well at a local level.

The city of Nixa launched a website Feb. 11, The site is designed to inform Nixa residents, business owners and other stakeholders about the city’s process for writing a five-year strategic plan. From that information, site visitors may then offer their own input and ideas that will be used to shape Nixa from now until the end of 2025, and maybe beyond that.

Discussions on the website are organized by the city of Nixa’s six-piece vision statement, “The city of Nixa will be a high-performance government, creating a safe community, reliable infrastructure and sustainable economy with a vibrant atmosphere united by hometown spirit.”

Visitors can read through an in-depth explanation on the vision statement, the values and the Nixa city government’s priorities for the future. Citizens can offer up their thoughts on issues as complex as the vision for economic development activities, or as simple as how they pay their utility bills each month.

“No idea is too big or too small. We’re willing to look at it, and we’re willing to think about it,” Douglas said.

“We’ve taken those keywords and we’ve created six values and strategic priorities based on that,” Douglas said. “We’re inviting the community to think about what specifically we can do to act on that vision.”

If your eyes glaze over as you read through the mission and values, and the in-depth explanations, you can also simplify the way you interact on By clicking, “Join the Brainstorm,” you are fast racked to place where you can leave what Douglas called a, “digital sticky note,” on any particular topic or issue.

"I encourage everyone in the community to participate in this process as we imagine Nixa’s future,” Nixa Mayor Brian Steele said.

Douglas explained that a wall of digital sticky notes will accompany a wall of real-life sticky notes that city employees will collect at upcoming events such as Nixpo and Sucker Days.

The website is monitored to keep conversations civil and so that vulgar content can be removed immediately, in the event a user posts inappropriate material.

City Councilman Matt Barker, who is a teacher, is excited to encourage his sixth-grade students to share their thoughts on It may even be used as part of a class assignment.

“Some of the craziest, and in my opinion, the best ideas will come from young people,” Barker said.

The Nixa-wide brainstorming will last until May 17. At that point, all of the data collected from will be organized and analyzed.

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