Jared Sopok

Jared Sopok

A Clever high school graduate with a prank-based YouTube channel was arrested after an appearance on the nationally-televised show “Live PD”

Jared Sopok, 20, was booked in the Greene County Jail after Greene County deputies administered field sobriety tests and placed Sopok in handcuffs. As of May 3, online court records show Sopok had not been charged for any crimes related to the traffic stop. Sopok had shared the scenes from “Live PD,” to his YouTube channel and tweeted the message, “jus got outta jai wbu,” slang for, “I just got out of jail, what about you?”

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office issued a statement after video of Sopok’s arrest from “Live PD” circulated on the internet.

“The driver of this vehicle was speeding and driving in the dark with no headlights or taillights,” the statement reads. “Upon contact with the deputy, the driver’s behavior was unusual and he was wearing sunglasses and describing inanimate objects in his vehicle as his friends who he was conversing with.”

The “inanimate objects” appeared to be homemade dummies with pictures of celebrities’ faces attached to them. Those depicted include talk show hosts Jimmy Fallon and Ellen Degeneres and Teen Choice Award-winning YouTuber Jake Paul.

“I was just going to, like, make my own friends and just kind of hang out with them and stuff,” Sopok told a deputy during the traffic stop.

“Where are you heading to tonight?” Deputy Kyle Winchell asked him.

“Oh, I’m going to the party, man,” Sopok replied.

“What party?” the deputy asked.

“Oh, well, I kind of am the party, so just kind of wherever I end up. So we’re just talking now, we’re just trying to decide where,” Sopok said.

Deputy Winchell then asked Sopok if he had drank any alcoholic beverages, taken any pills, used a controlled substance or smoked any marijuana. Sopok denied them all.

“My parents actually won’t let me do that,” Sopok said.

The sheriff’s office later alleged that Sopok had “very red and bloodshot eyes,” which made them suspicious that he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

“Deputies did not believe that there was enough evidence to pursue an impaired driving charge. The driver was booked and released on the traffic charges that resulted in the stop,” the statement reads.

Aside from the dummies, Sopok’s layers of attempted humor run throughout the footage aired on “LivePD.” He is dressed in a tank top, a very small pair of shorts and a white visor with his name, “Jared Sopok” written on it. When a camera operator peeks into his white sedan, the song “Rockstar” by often-lampooned rock band Nickelback can be heard playing over the stereo. When police officers searched a fanny pack Sopok was wearing, they found a metal fidget spinner toy and a plastic bag labeled “emergency use only” containing a Jack playing card, one match and a container of Flashbang brand hot sauce.

Headliner News archives show that Sopok graduated from Clever High School in 2017. He competed for the Blue Jays in basketball and track and field, receiving honorable mention all-SouthWest Central League basketball honors as a senior.

Sopok describes his YouTube channel as one dedicated to “pranks and social experiments.” 

A brief tour of Sopok’s videos shows him asking strangers for their Wi-Fi network passwords, wearing a suit while soliciting signatures on a bogus petition to legalize crystal meth, and attempting to undercut southwest Missouri car salesmen with bizarre stories and ridiculously low price offers. Many of Sopok’s videos contain foul or suggestive language.

Sopok’s arrest occurred on April 27. The video of his arrest has sparked debate on several social media platforms about the protocol deputies followed in arresting him, and whether or not Sopok was attempting to get himself onto “Live PD,” an Emmy Award-winning show that airs on A&E.

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