A rubber duck ticket turned into a cherry red Camaro for Alicia Shum.

Shum sponsored the fastest duck on the Finley River in the 2019 Sertoma Duck Race June 22, at Finley River Park in Ozark. Her first place prize is a 2019 Chevrolet Camaro from Ozark Chevrolet.

Second place winner Meranda Appleberry wins a prize of $2,000 worth of gasoline from Signal.

The Sertoma Duck Race is organized annually by the Christian County Children’s Charities (CCCC) Sertoma Club. A total of 15 duck race participants received more than $40,000 worth of prizes.

The 2019 Duck Race benefits Care to Learn Ozark and Dogwood Ranch, which provides equine-assisted therapy and counseling services. The Children’s Smile Center Balloon Glow, held annually on the Friday night before the Duck Race, is the largest fundraiser each year for Children’s Smile Center. The organization provides dental care to children in low-income families served by MoHealthNet, or Medicaid. Children’s Smile Center has clinics in Ozark, Branson West and Aurora.

Festival-goers enjoyed food, games, carnival rides for kids and concerts on both nights of the Sertoma Duck Race Festival. 

2019 Sertoma Duck Race prize winners

1. E492 Alicia Shum

2. B256 Meranda Appleberry

3. K365 Josh Baker

4. E481 Gail Tough

5. D423 Leann Callaway

6. L344 Rob Owens

7. C362 Debbie Essary

8. E305 Brian Freeman

9. L8 Leah Block

10. C314 Carter Lefon

11. D325 Carol Ivett

12. E345 Lucas Miloszewski

13. E007 Sara Fender

14. C215 Cindy Becker

15. C202 Jackie Camargo

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