For the past several months, the Christian County Elks Lodge No. 2777 accepted food donations of canned goods, coffee, boxed cereal, peanut butter and many other non-perishable items. To this list, the Elks Lodge donated bread, eggs, milk, butter, potatoes and ham.

All of the food went to the lodge’s yearly holiday food basket program. In 2019 Elks donated 10 baskets to veterans in need in Christian County. In 2020, the group tripled its effort and gave 31 boxes of food to veterans in need. 

Whether the awareness is greater this year, or if COVID-19 caused a greater need, it was a humbling experience for volunteers. Scouts from Troop 201 set-up an assembly line that would rival General Motors and filled all 31 boxes from 10 tables full of donated food in less than 30 minutes. Within days, 14 Elks members delivered baskets to veterans in all parts of Christian county.

Elks reported that they were touched by the experience of meeting people living without in a troubling time.

“As each member entered the address into the GPS, we wondered what we were heading into,” Elks member Dawna Southern wrote. “At one house, an elderly vet sat in his chair with his oxygen fighting for breath just to thank us, too frail to assist with the heavy food baskets. We went to another home with a pre-teen boy living in poverty with his grandparents, another stated to us that this would be the only way they would have Christmas dinner, and another lady remembered us from last year and thanked us over and over.”

For 28 years, Christian County Elks No. 2777 has supported veterans with multiple community programs. Elks Care, Elks Share. For more details or how you can become a member of the Christian County Elks No. 2777, visit the website at

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