On Nov. 19, The Finley River Community Foundation held a reception at The Finley to announce their unrestricted grants for 2019, to honor their donors and thank their endowed fund representatives.

FRCF President Karen Miller welcomed those in attendance and explained that FRCF has six unrestricted funds at this time.  “Unrestricted funds are hard to come by. A lot of donors have specific interests and want their money to go to those interests. Unrestricted money is flexible and can go anywhere,” Miller said. 

FRCF’s 2019 Unrestricted Grants went to:

Christian County Museum and Historical Society - $636 for a flat artifact display system.

Sparta Mighty Trojan Band - $914 for a new banner for the band to carry in parades.

Children’s Smile Center - $3,000 to help replace an old dental chair. 

Least Of These - $4,000 to help provide Christmas baskets to their clients.

The Finley River Community Foundation was founded in 2001 when it started with a few endowed funds worth less than $20,000. FRCF awarded one $500 scholarship that year. Halfway through 2019, FRCF has almost $2.5 million in assets in 73 funds and has awarded more than $3.6 million in grants and scholarships in eastern Christian County.  

The awards are made from the interest the balance in the endowment fund earns, leaving the balance to continue to earn interest.

If you are interested in leaving a legacy in eastern Christian County, working with FRCF or have questions, please contact Karen Miller at (417) 880-1875.

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