Impact 100 grant for Ozark Historic River District

THE OZARK HISTORIC RIVER DISTRICT received a $30,000 grant from the Ozark chapter of Impact 100 at a presentation Oct. 2. The funding will go toward renovating and expanding the gazebo on the Christian County Historic Courthouse lawn.

Impact 100 Ozark, a group of women organized to provide financial support to worthy projects and causes in eastern Christian County, announced its first membership recruiting event will be held Monday, Feb. 8. 

The meeting will be held online at 6 p.m. through the Zoom teleconferencing platform.

Membership in Impact 100 Ozark is open to women who provide $500 or more as a charitable gift.  Each year, the organization seeks to gain a minimum of 100 members, which is the source of the number 100 in the name of the organization.

“We are so excited to kick-off 2021 to begin year six of Impact 100 Ozark and look forward to recruiting a minimum of 100 members no later than Dec. 31. That date seems so far in the future, but we know that it will come very soon, which is why we encourage local women to join now,” Membership co-chair Jill Coffer said.

While the Ozark chapter keeps all of the funds it raises in eastern Christian County, Impact 100 is an international movement of women’s philanthropy that started in Louisville, Kentucky in 2001. It now has more than 60 chapters and has international groups. The Ozark group started in 2016, and was the first chapter to launch outside a major metropolitan city.

Not all members of Impact 100 Ozark donate $500 in a lump sum, Membership co-chair Yvonne Bilyeu explained.

“Many of our members from 2016-2020 have done so by making level payments monthly through the Community Foundation website and we look forward to encouraging more women to take advantage of this easy option to join,” Bilyeu said. “While there are many who simply write a $500 check or make a $500 online payment all at once, there are many, me included, who appreciate the monthly membership option.”

In its fifth year, Impact 100 Ozark saw 90 members complete their membership commitment with a minimum $500 gift. The Impact 100 board of directors will announce soon the grant awards that will be available from the 2020 donations for worthy projects or causes.

Since 2017, Impact 100 Ozark has given away grants totaling nearly $250,000.

To receive an email with the Zoom meeting invitation, please contact either of the membership co-chairs, Jill Coffer at (417) 880-1540 or Yvonne Bilyeu at (417) 224-8418. More information is available at or at

Previous Impact 100 Ozark grant awards

2017—$24,000 to Least Of These for its new facility capital campaign

2018—$24,000 to Lift Up for dental and x-ray equipment

2019—$25,000 to Ozark Senior Center to help purchase a handicap accessible van

2020—$30,000 to Ozark Historic River District to renovate the gazebo on the courthouse square

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