Ozark kindergarten screenings

KINDERGARTEN SCREENINGS will take place across the Ozark School District between April 6-23, 2020.

Children learn and develop — academically, socially and physically — at different paces. That’s why having your child participate in kindergarten screening is important. 

Kindergarten screening is free to any child in the Ozark School District who will be 5 years old on or before July 31. Register for a screening by calling the elementary school your child will attend. 

Kindergarten screening is an evaluation of various skills to see where your child is developmentally. Children have the opportunity to interact with the kindergarten staff and play games that assess their fine and gross motor skills, as well as their language and concept skills. Once the screening is complete, a staff member will review the results with the parent and answer any questions.

The information obtained during the screening, which typically lasts 1-2 hours, can prove valuable for the parent and the school.

“Kindergarten screening helps us make our classroom assignments so we know how to match kids with teachers. Through screening, our teachers know a lot about their students before they ever walk through the door,” said Dr. Kent Sappington, executive director of elementary learning. “It’s also a great opportunity for parents, students and teachers to meet and get to know one another before school starts.”

For more information on kindergarten screening or kindergarten readiness, visit http://www.ozarktigers.org/kindergarten.

Contact your child’s school to schedule an appointment:

North Elementary • 582-5904 — April 6-7

East Elementary • 582-5906 — April 14-15

West Elementary • 582-5907— April 20-21

South Elementary • 582-5905 — April 22-23

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