Bonnie Schooler retires from Least Of These

LEAST OF THESE DIRECTOR BONNIE SCHOOLER (left), retired in January 2020, passing the torch of the Christian County food pantry to Kristy Carter (right). Least Of These honored Schooler with a retirement reception on Feb. 10.

The people who help some of Christian County’s least fortunate took a moment to honor their outgoing leader on Feb. 10.

Bonnie Schooler retired as director at Least Of These Christian County food pantry, effective Jan. 3. On Jan. 21, the Least Of These Board of Directors voted in the official promotion of Kristy Carter as the new executive director of the food pantry.

Least Of These held a community retirement reception for Schooler in the meeting room of the Ozark food pantry.

Schooler retires and Carter takes over at a time when the food pantry is serving a record number of families every month. In December 2019, Least Of These distributed 101,229 pounds of food to 968 households. The distribution directly impacted 2,749 people, 1,098 of whom are children. The recipients are all vetted Least Of These clients who receive food and clothing at no cost.

Schooler took over at Least Of These in place of Susan Kendrick in late 2015. Kendrick retired, having spent about 17 years volunteering her time at Least Of These, and spent 2009-2015 as the director.

Schooler spent a good deal of time with Kendrick in preparation for the directorship handoff. The same happened with Schooler handing off to Carter, who has been the director of development at the food pantry for five years.

Least Of These, Inc. is the only full service food pantry serving Christian County. In 2019, it surpassed one million pounds in food distribution per year for the first time. For more information, please visit

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