Anna Evans

ANNA EVANS served as director fo the Ozark Chamber of Commerce from April 2018 to April 2020.

As representatives of Ozark's business community, and on behalf of our membership and board, the Ozark Chamber of Commerce wholeheartedly endorses the proposed school bond issue on the June 2 ballot. 

The Ozark School District’s plans for the new Ozark Innovation Center have taken family priorities and public feedback into account to produce a fantastic result. If the bond passes and the facility is completed, students will be able to gain practical experience and connect with the Ozark business community on an unprecedented level. The district will also be able to expand facilities and programming at the Tiger Paw Early Childhood Development Center. 

The passage of this bond is essential to the future of Ozark’s business community. A thriving career-focused curriculum will prepare students to succeed as entrepreneurs and business leaders, retaining their talents and skills in our city and state. Providing adequate space for these essential programs will help ensure that the academic and practical instruction offered continues to be of the highest quality. We also know that an excellent school district is an economic driver for our community, as businesses grow to serve Ozark families and students. 

To respond to the workforce skills needed in our community and to ensure the best academic and practical preparation for local students, the Ozark Chamber strongly urges Ozark residents to vote YES for the school bond on June 2. 


Anna Evans

Executive Director, Ozark Chamber of Commerce

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