Anna Evans

ANNA EVANS served as director fo the Ozark Chamber of Commerce from April 2018 to April 2020.

As representatives of Ozark's business community, and on behalf of our membership and board, the Ozark Chamber of Commerce wholeheartedly endorses the proposed local use tax on the June 2 ballot. 

The proposed use tax is the equivalent of a sales tax, applied only to online purchases made from out-of-state retailers. A use tax will not apply to purchases made in a local brick and mortar store, and will equalize the playing field for the Ozark businesses that invest in our community. With a use tax in place, whether someone purchases items from an Ozark retailer or from an online store, they will pay the same local sales tax rate to help fund essential services like police, public works, road improvements, animal control and much more. 

What won’t a use tax do? A use tax on an online purchase won't be higher than the local sales tax rate you pay in store (currently 2.375 percent in Ozark), and a use tax will not apply if you purchase items in a brick and mortar store.

What will a use tax do? A use tax on online purchases will allow the City of Ozark to maintain and grow essential services, level the playing field for local Ozark businesses, and fund city services in a realistic and sustainable way. 

More than 150 Missouri cities have modernized their funding by passing use taxes, including Willard, Springfield, and Nixa. This is a common sense solution that makes local business more competitive and able to invest in our community. The Ozark chamber strongly urges voters to vote yes for the use tax on June 2.


Anna Evans

Executive Director, Ozark Chamber of Commerce

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