Ozark Mayor Rick Gardner

Ozark Mayor Rick Gardner

To Ozark Residents -

Please vote YES on Tuesday, June 2, for the Ozark use tax. Here are the reasons why:

It is not a new tax. It simply charges our regular 2.375 percent sales tax rate on internet online purchases.

When you currently buy online, you do not pay Ozark sales tax, only Missouri tax. 

You will never be charged both a sales tax and a use tax. 

The city loses this revenue needed for our police department, streets, parks and trails when online purchases are not charged this use tax.

Some of our local businesses have lost revenue during the pandemic because online shopping has dramatically increased. By charging city sales tax on these purchases, the city will not lose revenue and, hopefully, more shopping will be done locally. It will cause a more level playing field for local business.

The new revenues from this tax will be spent 40 percent for police and public safety, 30 percent for parks, trails and new playgrounds, and 30 percent to new physical facilities with a no-kill animal shelter being the first being built.

Our neighbors Nixa, Springfield, Willard and many other communities already have this in place. Ozark needs this tax, not to keep up with them, but to keep up with the increasing costs of providing the services our citizens want and deserve.

This should not be a political issue. Our already tight budget is missing out on this revenue and we need to plug the leak.

If you have any questions about this, please call me and I will answer them. Call or text at (417) 839-3219.

Ozark needs your support. Thank you.

Rick Gardner

Ozark mayor

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