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As we have finished celebrating the 244th year of our nation's independence, the question before us is “Is this republic worth preserving?” And, what kind of a country are we going to hand down to our children and grandchildren?

The tenets of America's representative republic are “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” The concept of liberty has long been a central aspect of political self-definition in America. Individual liberty was seen as a fundamental reality and individual freedom was realized within the context of a state which provides stability through its laws.

There are groups in America today who believe that America should be “fundamentally transformed” into a socialist society and that we should do away with our form of capitalism with a “Great Economic Reset.”

While we have witnessed great unrest in our country recently, the right to peacefully protest injustices has led to riots, deaths and great destruction of property. The cost of damages done during just the first weekend of riots in 30 American cities was $400 million! The peaceful protests have been hijacked by radical groups whose ultimate goal is to erase our history, our monuments and ultimately our Nation.

If Americans don't begin to understand the forces and the players behind what is happening in our streets and don't separate the just cause of peaceful protests about racial injustices form the out-of-control looting and rioting, then we may not be celebrating our 245th anniversary. Our children may someday ask us, “Why didn't you stand up for the principals of the United States of America?'

Claren Holmes


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