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Dear Christian County voters,

I am writing to give my support and endorsement to Aaron Johns application for Christian County Treasurer.  One of the most honest and easy to talk to people I’ve ever met.

Aaron has excellent experience in the field of finance and his honesty as an individual, both in business and in his personal life, make him an excellent choice by the voters of Christian County for the position of Christian County treasurer. His ethical guidelines set out the professional standards of practice I know Aaron would carry into this position. Communication is the most important piece of any business. Aaron has not trouble understanding the tasks at hand and working with other elected officials will come natural for him regardless of the level of difficulty it may be.

I met Aaron at the MSBA (Missouri School Board Association) conference six years ago, where we discussed pupil transportation for the school district of Ozark. Aaron at the time was serving his sixth year as a school board member for the district, and was one of the decision makers in supporting our place of business and the partnership that we’ve built over the last 30 years with the district, which continues today.

It is without reservation that I endorse Aaron Johns for Christian County Treasurer.

Joe Crabtree


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Janice Kloppe

I do not know Aaron Johns, but I do know that the paper just posted this article stating that he has been named Ozark Board of Education President...

I do have the pleasure of knowing of the current Treasurer, Karen Matthews, and it seems odd to me that someone would simply go after her job because they want it. If you do your digging on her record, you will see that she has been an exceptional treasurer for Christian County. She is running for re-election.

Maybe Aaron Johns would also make a good treasurer, who knows? But he is trying to take a job away from someone who is doing it exceptionally well, for his own benefit.

So assuming he would do just as good as a job as her, why make her lose her job to him? How about he goes and finds his own job where the need is because of mismanagement or an opening?

Just my thoughts. Nothing personal about Mr. Johns.

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