Nixa Police Chief Joe Campbell

Nixa Police Chief Joe Campbell

To the Nixa community,

Now is an appropriate time to publicly reaffirm the values, expectations, and policies of the Nixa Police Department which we have held and continue to hold. It is important the public know our beliefs, values, and commitments. We also acknowledge that while this department takes pride in the service we provide, we have the humility to admit there is always room for improvement and we commit to continual introspection and progress.

We strongly believe in responsible community policing built on mutual trust between our department and the people of Nixa. That trust is hard-earned through the development of personal relationships with the community we serve. We must meet a very high level of expectation every day, on every call for service, and in every interaction to keep that trust. Not only because our community expects much from us, but because we expect much from one another. To ensure that our officers are equipped to meet these high standards of conduct, we provide our officers with high levels of training. We invest heavily in ensuring our officers are ready and able to make good decisions in the most difficult situations.

We respect all our citizens and all visitors to our community. We want to reassure all people of color in our community (and those of any historically marginalized group, identity, or minority population) that from the perspective of your police department, you are welcome in Nixa, just as every other person is welcome in Nixa. We understand why you want to hear from us. We understand that in the context of our nation’s history, local history, and recent events around the country, you want to know that you are safe, welcome, and appreciated in this community. The Nixa Police Department affirms that this is an all-inclusive community, open and welcoming to diversity, and that our duty is to serve all people equally. We take this duty very seriously.

The Nixa Police Department does not condone, accept, or tolerate racism or discrimination based on any other factor. We provide training to all our officers above and beyond the minimum training standards required by the state, to ensure our officers understand why racial profiling is not acceptable. Our officers are also trained to understand implicit bias and how it can affect our decision-making. We believe becoming aware of our implicit biases can help us consciously counteract any subconscious prejudice.

The Nixa Police Department does not condone, accept, or tolerate police brutality. The use of force by law enforcement personnel is a matter of critical concern, both to the public and to the law enforcement community. Daily, officers are involved in numerous and varied interactions and, when warranted, may use reasonable force in carrying out their duties. Officers must understand and have true appreciation for their authority and limitations. This is especially true with respect to overcoming resistance while engaged in the performance of law enforcement duties. This department recognizes and respects the value of all human life and dignity without prejudice to anyone. Vesting officers with the authority to use reasonable force and to protect the public welfare requires monitoring, evaluation, and a careful balancing of all interests.

By policy, our officers have a duty to intercede when another officer uses force that is clearly beyond that which is objectively reasonable under the circumstances. An officer who observes another officer use force that exceeds the degree of force permitted by law is required to promptly report these observations to a supervisor.

Additionally, we train our officers to recognize indicators of potential in-custody sudden deaths and how to prevent them. Our officers are instructed and trained to take all complaints from a subject regarding their well-being very seriously. They are trained in techniques to ensure the well-being of people in custody. Any individual exhibiting signs of physical distress during an encounter will be continuously monitored until they can be medically assessed.

I would like to personally invite anyone who wishes to learn more about our values, policies, procedures, trainings, or any other aspect of this department to reach out to me with questions, concerns, or comments. I also encourage anyone seeking to learn more to attend our annual Citizen’s Police Academy which is designed to give our citizens access to learn about every aspect of this department with transparency.

If you read this statement of values and are interested in becoming a member of the Nixa Police Department, we are accepting applications. We look for candidates who embrace these values and who are eager to serve our community. We encourage diverse candidates to apply for jobs at our department and we are committed to being an equal opportunity employer.

I hope that this letter serves to affirm the fact this department has an inclusive approach to community policing, and that we value unity, not division. We value the dignity of every person. We value peace and safety and law and order. We value justice for all.


Chief Joe Campbell

Nixa Police Department

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