Headliner News office closure

Workers move office furniture from the office of the Christian County Headliner News at 114 North Second Avenue in Ozark on July 20, 2020. The newspaper will cease to operate from a physical office in Ozark as of Aug. 1, 2020.

The Christian County Headliner News has served Christian County since 1888, and that is not going to change. 

However, we are no longer going to occupy the office at 114 N. Second Avenue in Ozark. In an attempt to reduce costs and remain profitable, we are transitioning to a mobile office format.  

Editorial and sales employees will work in the field and do their paperwork from their homes. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us we can operate remotely.

Phones will still be answered when you call the local number, as usual, the person answering will just not be sitting at a desk at 114 N. Second Avenue.

When you need to pay a bill, extend a subscription or place a classified ad, you can still call (417) 581-3541 or mail information to PO Box 490, Ozark, MO 65721.

Advertising, news and other inquiries can still be made to our familiar phone number and to familiar email addresses.

We will still be visible in the community and we will attend and cover the same events we always did, we just won’t maintain an office front.  

Advertising and subscription revenues have shrunk in the past decade, and we simply cannot maintain an Ozark office and be in the black. Please continue to support your local community newspaper to maintain its publication now and far into the future.

The same goes for all locally owned small business. Shop local and support those who support you, or else someday we may all have to travel to get our goods, services and news from an out-of-town entity.

Thank you to John Torgerson for supporting local journalism and being a fantastic landlord all these years. To our neighbors on the square, we will miss seeing you each day, but remember, we are still here and will walk the square regularly to say hello and serve you however we can.

Keep your local newspaper in your hearts and minds. You are in ours.

Jamey Honeycutt is the publisher of five weekly newspapers in Missouri that are part of Phillips Media Group, LLC, including the Christian County Headliner News, Bolivar Herald-Free Press, Buffalo Reflex, Cedar County Republican and the Marshfield Mail.

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