U.S. Highway 65

Road work continues in the center median on U.S. Highway 65 in Ozark to the north of the State Route CC exit.

A Facebook user posed an interesting, yet cheeky and somewhat rhetorical question in the comment sections of a story about U.S. Highway 65 reconstruction.

In the piece, we break down a series of highway closures that will affect the thousands and thousands of people who drive from Christian County into Springfield and back every day for work. We provided descriptions of the lane closures set to start in early August.

“Do they rewrite this article every two weeks or just hit republish?” Facebook user Stephan Hahn asked.

No, we don’t rewrite and we don’t recycle, although we are sure it feels like it sometimes. We do updates on existing projects as information becomes available, and sometimes that information can feel redundant in the cases of ongoing projects.

There are two major U.S. Highway 65 improvement projects happening at the same time, one in Greene and one in Christian Counties, and both projects are being done in phases. If you’ve been following our coverage of these projects for a while, it probably feels like deja vu, but we assure you there are updates and there has been progress.

Road work stories, much like a drive through a work zone, aren’t exactly our idea of a good time, but we cover these construction updates for several reasons. Namely, we don’t want our readers to get caught in a major traffic delay with no warning, then have them come to us asking why we didn’t warn them, and our research shows that our reading audience really responds well to road construction project coverage. You may not enjoy all of the orange cones and the lane closures, but you sure seem to find the need to read about them.

Facebook user Matt Wofford didn’t accuse us of recycling, but he took issue with MoDOT multitasking on Highway 65.

“Could we possibly get one project done and enjoy a construction free zone for a little bit?” Wofford asked.

Well, maybe, but it’s going to be a few years. As we’ve said, U.S. Highway 65 is being widened in phases. Once the construction in Springfield and in northern Christian County is complete, the focus will move south to the section of Highway between State Route CC and Highway 14, then further south to the piece of highway between Highway 14 and State Route F, or South Street.

Unfortunately, that’s bad news for Mr. Wofford, who will be seeing more construction zones, orange cones and lane closures on Highway 65. We will all be frustrated when that work is occurring over the next couple of years, but we also want a wider, faster highway.

“I’m all for growth, and what is being done is necessary,” Wofford added in his comment.

We’re with Mr. Wofford on this one. The work is needed for the future, it’s just frustrating to deal with the delays in the present.

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