Dr. Chris Bauman

Ozark School District Superintendent Chris Bauman.

To whom it may concern:

Through our association with Ozark Public Schools, Shane Nelson and I have been acquainted for more than 11 years. He is earnest, resourceful, dynamic, and honest. Mr. Nelson has demonstrated proven leadership.

For the past four years, Mr. Nelson has served as a board member for Ozark Public Schools. He has utilized his skills and knowledge base of business and political affairs to improve our school district. As a leadership team, we have worked through many very difficult situations and Mr. Nelson has provided great insight. He has served Christian County in many leadership roles, and he has masterfully used his skills to assist the school district to achieve its goals of improving student performance.

Mr. Nelson is a highly supportive board member and community leader. While working with him, I have been continually impressed with his commitment to excellence. He is uncompromising in his quest for quality educational opportunities for all young people as well as our staff. He never loses sight of students and their needs as we work as a team. I have been equally impressed with his ability to quickly evaluate situations and identify a solution through a variety of ways. He formulates a plan of action for implementation to address the identified need. His educational and community vision is extraordinary and a demonstration of his true leadership.

Mr. Nelson, through other organizations in which he belongs, has provided support and services to the children of Ozark. Serving with Rotary, as well as other organizations and supporting on his own, Mr. Nelson has headed up the summer feeding program for Care to Learn to make sure children are fed during the summer. With the most recent events that have unfolded during the COVID crisis, Mr. Nelson once again stepped up to deliver food to feed students. 

There are many competent and dedicated leaders in our community. There are also leaders who, because of their commitment to Ozark and Christian County, must be considered outstanding. Mr. Nelson is outstanding.

Mr. Nelson has the skill, ability, and leadership to excel in any role he would serve, especially Eastern District county commissioner. He has the talent, experience and skills to perform at an exceptionally high level.


Chris Bauman

Superintendent, Ozark R-VI School District

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